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Lots of people have dark under eye circles and would like to find an easy way to get rid of the problem. Dark circles under the eye make countless people feel less attractive. They would love to find an easy solution to this predicament. The answer to the issue is found in more than one place. Since every person is different the remedy that works best for each person will is as well.

 There are a number of solutions produced by the marketplace today crafted to cure the issue. The marketplace sells countless over the counter dark eye circle creams and even surgery.

Many people have an interest in locating a therapy with home remedies. This allows for a less costly and toxic solution. All of the solutions mentioned here include things free of charge and readily available for anyone seeking help.


Water helps our body in more ways than many imagine. It is magnificent for dark circles under eyes. Water revitalizes the skin all over the body, including the area surrounding the eyes. Along with giving the skin moisture, it removes impurities from the body which contributes to the condition. Most physicians recommend up to eight glasses of water each day for everyone. However, the more you drink the better refreshment eyes receive and the better aid in removing those dark circles.


Sleep is important for your eyes. Not getting enough of it manufactures dark circles under eyes. Getting more sleep is one of the easiest home remedies for dark under eye circles. Slumber will revitalize and refresh the eyes. Eyes appear brighter and clearer when you have enough or as much as your body needs.


The sun is very dangerous for our skin. Therefore, when you expose yourself to the sun take care with your skin. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive of all the skin covering the body. Avoid the sun if possible for this area. Always wear sunscreen no matter what your skin color or tone. Additionally, wear sunglasses so those dark eye circles don’t get darker.

Allergies and illness

Dark under eye circles appearing in children is typically related to allergies or an illness. Suspected allergies in children will come to light with a visit to the doctor. Once the diagnosed condition clears up the condition around the eyes usually does as well. Physicians will supply remedies for dark under eye circles related to allergies or illness as part of the medical treatment. Specialists in the medical area related to these conditions give patients prescription medication or home therapies to make things better.

Cold water washcloth

Tons of home remedies for this condition are commonly found in the kitchen. However, this is one remedy found in the bathroom. Simply soak a washcloth in cold water and apply it to the area around the eyes. The water need not be as cold as ice, but make certain the water is not luke warm.

Cold water helps constrict the blood vessels in the eye area which reduces puffiness along with clearing up the dark under eyes look.

In conclusion

Sufferers should try these easy remedies or visit a physician if suspecting allergies or illness as the culprit. Most are simple and do not stress the pocketbook. Finding them at home makes them even more attractive for people looking for a cure.