Remedies for Removing Cat Urine Odor

Raven was feeling stinky. More accurately, she thought she smelled stinky. And for good reason. Her human had not changed her litter for several days now. If you looked into the cat litter box, you could not see the cat urine, but you knew it was there because of you could smell it. And to make matters worse, the sticky stuff would stick to the cat's paws and she would then track it onto the carpet in other rooms. So much so that guests were asking, "where is the Limburger Cheese?" Raven felt embarrassment just thinking about it.

Now Raven is very creative and she figured out that the basin in the bathroom would be a good place to urinate. So several times her human was surprised to see Raven hunched over the basin bowl, letting forth a constant stream. Her human would come right behind her and rinse the bowl, run the water and there was no odor left. Meantime, the human's other cat, Giddy, was still urinating in the litter box, adding to the STINK. Of course, you could not see the urine, but boy could you smell it. It was like someone had poured ammonia into the litter box...strong and stunning in its effect on human nostrils. And on cat nostrils too. They did not like the smell. So the question remained. How can they get rid of or subdue the smell of cat urine?

How to Rid Your Home of Stinky Cat Urine Odors

So the problem, baldly stated, was: How can one rid his/her home of stinky cat urine odors. How can one either eliminate the odor or mask it so that it creates the illusion of cancelling the cat urine odor? Should the human dump some of his wife's perfume on their cats and splash some into the cat carrier? Don't even think it, yelled his wife. Perhaps you should bath Raven and Giddy, she continued.

No, said the human. I value my arms.

Well, at least you can dump the litter box every day and wash it. In the meantime, take Raven to the vet and have him wash her. Case solved.

Well, not quite, for after having done this, there was still a discernable trace of cat urine odor in the air. Perhaps it was on the curtains, on the carpet, on the throw rugs or even a table cloth. The odor was not gone.

So the human decided to do a bit of research on what products would eliminate or quell cat urine odor. His finding was that Febreez topped the list but that upon further investigation, ordinary household white vinegar would do the trick. You had better use a small amount of vinegar, however, because it will produce another kind of stink if you use too much. That would be ironic. Using a stink to blot out a stink, but creating different but more stink.

The human began to search for other ways of controlling the cat urine and he came across an ad that showed a cat perched on the rim of the toilet bowl and he was pooping and peeing directly into the bowl water. "How wonderful" the human screamed. And he ran to show the picture to his wife. "Looks great said the wife, but how do you get them to do that?" He replied..."it's right here, he said. You can send for a kit that guides them through the steps so they can use the human commode." "Looks great" she said, "but how much does it cost?" "$65" he said. "What", shouted the woman? "That would buy a lot of cat litter. It better work. Check the warranty"

The kit came, and Raven took to the steps very well, but Giddy got very confused and began dumping in the bath tub. "Where is that warranty?"

Chemically Change Cat Urine to Ambrosia

There had recently been a scam in the news, recalled the human, that some companies had synthesized a formula that when a cat ate of it produced pee that had a sweet smell to it, like fruit, like ambrosia. And the human recalled that in college he had studied chemistry and had actually made esters, which were the compounds that gave fruit and flowers have a pleasant smell and esters were produced by chemically combining an organic acid and an alcohol. But it was one thing to be able to produce a compound that smelled like fruit; it was quite another thing to produce a compound that created ambrosial urine. The scam was exposed and it all reminded the human of the scam run many years before of a pill that given to humans was supposed to make their sweat smell like roses. They did not stay on the market very long. But I digress, so back to the current issue. The human decided that he would step up to the plate and change the cat's litter every day...twice a day if necessary. He had been advised to use a gentle soap to clean the litter box. Some soap contains ammonia derivatives. If this is used, cats will think the litter has urine in it and they will find another place to go. Ammonia is, chemically, NH4OH, so be sure to check labels and see if the above compound or its derivatives are present. This is the advice of the human who found out the hard way, for cats can become very creative when it comes to a place to go-like behind the curtains, under the bed, on top of the refrigerator, under the stairs, and, as has been mentioned, in the bathroom wash basin and the bath drain. Cats will perform a smell check on most anything in their environment; they do it with their food and with their poop. They do it with their toys and they do with other cats. They do it with humans, and they do it with dogs (as close as they dare). So say stop the stinky smells. And enjoy the clean smells