shingle blisters
Shingles Blisters

Remedies for shingles
are easy to implement when you know what to do or that you even have them. You see, at times a person isn't aware that they have shingles. They know that burning itchy bumps that look like blisters appear, but aren't sure what it is. So, they let it go and hope it will go away. They also try to hide it from others because the blisters are unsightly.

Or they may ask someone about it only to get answers like, it looks like a rash, maybe you are allergic to the detergent you're using or my favorite-it might be pimples! In fact, even those in medical professions sometimes guess it wrong. My mother has shingles and a nurse actually diagnosed her shingles blisters as pimples. I was surprised when I found this out and wondered how a nurse could be that incompetent.

You know you have shingles when the itchy bumps turn into liquid filled blisters that burn. The good news is the there are remedies for shingles that you can do at home. To get immediate pain relief from shingles apply an ice pack or very cold cloth to ease the burning. Rub gently to take care of the itching, but no skin to skin contact, shingles are contagious and will spread.

Once the pain has subsided apply calamine lotion with cotton balls or Q-tips. This will help itching and also dry them up. If you want to dry sores up faster and can handle the pain, scrub them with a rough cool cloth lathered up with soap. Like my mother, I too, have had shingles break outs for over 30 years now. The rough method is my favorite, since I want them to go away faster.

Massage is another way to get shingles pain relief. Use moisturizing lotion of any kind, but be sure to wash it off (cool water only heat aggravates shingle sores) when finished and pat dry. Once again apply calamine lotion as mentioned above. The goal is always to dry up the blisters, not add moisture, however, the massaging action helps soothe itchy sore blisters and lotion is needed to massage the area.

Another reason massage is used is to relieve stress. Stress can cause shingles breakouts or make them worse. Hand held massage tools and massage chairs work well as remedies for shingles. The use of massage can actually prevent break outs by keeping you relaxed.

Other remedies for shingles are pain patches and over the counter pain relievers. For severe cases a doctor may need to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or narcotics. Electronic nerve stimulation, which is a treatment done in the doctor's office, can be used as well.

Also, wear loose fitted clothing and keep the body as cool as possible. Tight clothing and heat will intensify pain in shingles sores and blisters. Each remedy mentioned in this article is a simple solution that anyone can use to ease shingles pain.

Shingles is in the chicken pox family and is a virus that affects nerves under the skin. It can be managed successfully with lifestyle changes. The healthier you are the less chance of shingles break outs. So, eat healthy, exercise, rest and keep stress to a minimum.

Use these remedies for shingles to ease the pain then implement lifestyle changes to cure it.

shingle blisters
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