Are you thinking about cosmetic surgery? Begin by scheduling a consultation with a qualified laser surgeon who can discuss your concerns. Take a look at the following questions to ask your doctor regarding cosmetic laser surgery.

What is Your Safety Record?
Most laser surgeons keep an accurate tally of their safety record and will have it available. Only go with those who have 1% or less.

What Services Do You Specialize in?
Laser surgeons generally have 1 or 2 areas of specialty. Obviously, they can perform work outside of their specialty, but it's good to know what they are most comfortable with. Each procedure has its own set of circumstances. Though most can perform a broad range of work, cosmetic surgeons tend to put their focus in 1 or 2 procedures, like those that employ the use of the Zerona laser.

How Long Will the Procedure Take, From Start to Finish?
While some work can be performed in the space of an afternoon, others may take several appointments stretched out over a few weeks or months. Some may require lab work before beginning Weigh every step that's involved in order to get any idea of how much time it will take.

What Results Can I Expect?
Everyone responds differently to cosmetic laser surgery. Still, it's a good idea to know what to expect. Remember that expectations are only approximate. You can get a general idea of the potential of the cosmetic surgery, but no one knows for sure until the work has been done and enough time has passed.

What is the Recovery Time?
Laser surgery may indeed be non-evasive, but some minor recovery may still be needed. Skin can become irritated and raw temporarily. You probably won't face any serious down time. Usually, you can return to work the same day, though there may be some slight irritation. The benefit of laser surgery is not having to disappear from the world or take time off work.

What is the Cost?
Realize that insurance companies don't usually cover cosmetic procedures unless there's a legitimate health risk. Before choosing to go ahead with the procedure, do the math to see what it's going to cost. Look into how they want paid and make sure you can cover the expense.