Ahh the college Road Trip! This is a tradition among young men the world over. The college road trip is one of the most important rites of passage that any young man can take. It is best conducted in one's late teens or early 20's. Now the college part is not really the most important thing and you can take a road trip even if you are not in college but the point is that these road trips are different from the trips you would take when you get older.

One of the most interesting differences is, of course, the amount of planning that goes into a college road trip versus an adult road vacation. This is especially important in terms of a distinction because we consider mature road vacations (usually including the entire family, whining kids and all) rather lame. When I was in college, and rather bored one day, my friends and I decided to take a road trip. It just happened to be one of those long weekends and armed with a map (which we tore up on the way) and a healthy dose of youthful enthusiasm, we set off on our journey.

Our goal was getting to a beach resort that was a few hundred miles away and armed with our knowledge of direction (north, south, east and west), we set off. We were conscious to not take any major highways as we wanted to take the scenic route and we had no preset timetables. We stopped when we felt like it and started off when we were done stopping. We took turns driving as there were three of us and one of us could be asleep in the back seat at any given time.

We eventually arrived at our destination many hours later than we would have had we stuck to a map or the robotic voice of a GPS system but we arrived none the less. We had some amazing times on the road. We made friends at every single diner we stopped along the way and that is truly an achievement for a brown, black and Asian trio in the middle of rural America. We drove, we sang and we discussed girls and life and all in all, it was an amazing trip. The only rule was to not have a plan. We simply headed east and then when we felt like it headed south until we started seeing signs for our destination. This was the way we did it. No maps, no directions, just driving where the road took us.