Every Father's Day we try to come up with that special gift for dad. For some reason dads seem so much harder to buy for than moms. They usually say something along the lines of "there is nothing I need" or "don't spend your money on me.. save it for a rainy day." Of course we do not pay attention and off we go to buy a shirt, box of candy or one more tool for his tool chest. After that we are off to the family bbq with gift in hand.

This year why not get something different. Next time you see your dad or grandad or favorite uncle. Watch as he takes out his wallet and notice how it looks. Often times it is faded, cracked, coming apart at the seams and looks down right disgusting. It may be stuffed to the brim with little pieces of paper with all kinds of important and not so important information written on them.

This year why not get him a new wallet. One that will last for years and one that serves just the right purpose for him. With wallets coming in so many styles and sizes, and materials how do you know which one to buy. The easy way and probably the best is to see what he has now and buy a wallet along the same lines. Most of the time they have grown quite fond of the one they have and will not want to part with it. The easiest way to get him to use the new one is to purchase something similar to what he already has and likes.

There are flat wallets, bi fold wallets, tri fold wallets, magic wallets, coin wallets, money clip wallets and chain wallets. They are made from leather, nylon, vinyl and all kinds of synthetic materials. Take a few minutes and view the various options and you are sure to find at least one that both you and dad will like.

Finally, after purchasing the wallet, why not tuck another gift inside one of the wallet's pockets. Maybe some cold hard cash, or a gift certificate to his favorite store or restaurant. Think about how many times he has slipped you a few extra dollars, or taken you out to eat or bought you that favorite outfit, toy or book. Isn't it time you repaid some of that kindness? This is just one small gesture that lets him know that you appreciate all he has done for you over the years. It will leave him not only with a brand new wallet but also with a smile and a warmth in his heart knowing he raised a truly thoughtful son or daughter.