Dogs are often seen as man's best friend. This statement is true, but only for the dog's master. For criminals, passersby, and even neighbors, dogs can become their most feared enemies. Aside from inflicting injury, dogs can also cause certain death due to the poison in their saliva called rabies. If you own a dog and you do not want any dog bite accidents to happen, follow these reminders:

  • Keep it away from children. There are some children who are not afraid even of aggressive dogs. If they get close enough, they might get bitten.
  • Do not disturb it when it is asleep. Dogs have extremely sharp senses. If you disrupt its sleep with a loud sound or a certain movement, it might get surprised and attack you.
  • If it has bitten someone before, keep it leashed. If you think your dog is too dangerous to be left loose, place it in a cage.
  • Do not hurt or abuse your dog. Some animals such as dogs fight back when they are mistreated by their masters or other people.
  • Never bother your dog when it is eating. Dogs are very possessive when it comes to food. If you disturb them while they are eating, they might think that you want a piece of their meal.
  • Take it to a veterinarian at least once or twice a year. It is always good to keep your dog properly vaccinated. Just in case it bites someone, you would not be worried that the victim would acquire rabies.

If ever you failed to conduct one of these steps and your dog bit a neighbor, a friend, or even a family member, you should act immediately. Here are the things you need to do right away:

  • Keep the dog away from the victim and secure it.
  • Wash the victim's injury with soap.
  • Take the victim to a doctor, while someone takes the dog to a veterinarian.
  • Both the victim and dog should be observed by experts.
  • Get the injured person vaccinated if necessary.

Having a dog bite accident is an expensive and troublesome experience. If you want to avoid such circumstances, you have to take proper measures. You can also train your dog so it does not get threatened too easily when people are around. If you have other concerns, you can contact an Los Angeles personal injury lawyer near you.