The Ease Of Beard Trimming With Remington

Speaking of the trimmer, this trimmer is adjustable so that beard length will be proportional. With the flick of the thumb you can change the guard lengths. The guard is able to likewise be simply removed to expose the blade for yet closer trimming.

Easy to use zoom wheel adjusts to create 9 length settings:

The scrolling wheel height adjustment. A nice characteristic, by the way, the height keeps unexpectedly well, unlike some trimmers. You may utilize pressure against your face and it won't fall back to a shorter height setting that creates a sparse patch. After only two or three times, you will know how high you need it. For example, if you trim your beard on a "6" and your mustache on a "4". The shaver head lifts smoothly to remove stray hair that gets into the motor space. It's precision definition might even permit you to align the length of stubble if that's the look you're going for. The 10 adjustable settings can keep your beard looking long or short.

Cuts neatly with less pulling.
Shaver head lifts with no trouble to remove stray hair that gets into the motor spot. It does not force out any hairs, like some the old trimmers. I would suppose that it frequently takes no fewer than 3 minutes for a quick trim, possibly as long as 8-10 minutes if you're are going to detail the fringes after a month of quick trims.

It is also quite easy to wash. The Lube for life feature is one of it's main benefits, blades never need oiling! It is streamlined, and again the blades never need to be lubed which is one less thing you need to ponder about. You'll be extremely upbeat with the ease of use designed into this trimmer, the battery energy, the ease with which it is able to be cleaned, and the freedom from needed lubrication.

Its rechargeable with LED charging sign.
Holds its charge for a long time. (charge it full before you travel, and you might not even have to bother packing the charger, since it may perhaps function the whole week you're gone.) Straight forward cleaning and maintains a charge for at least 25 or so uses. Likewise, after 3 months it will be just about maintenance free. It's cordless, therefore you are able to hit the road and/or shave in the yard to avoid having to clean the bathroom after a big trim. Have I mentioned the battery life is pretty good?

I think it is also a little more affordable than the other beard trimmers of its kind. Price, you can pick this up on sale at Amazon for under 15 bucks. Click Here For The Latest Prices From Amazon. If it lasts you 5 years you'll be terribly pleased at you $3 each year expenditure. The mechanism works smoothly, and the battery seems to last forever.

In conclusion
The MB200 has good strength, the cutting blade is somewhat wide, and the adjustment mechanism for the comb is well designed so you don't by mistake choose the wrong length or have it move around on you and ending up with a shaved patch where you weren't intending to. You'll also be very happy with the comb and location of the trimming blades toward the "front" of the comb. The comb allows for very easy following of facial contours and the position of the trimming blades makes it easy to trim all the way up to the nose.

Ease of use, and Convenience - There aren't any attachments to keep track of or store. It's relatively compact for having the power that it does and there's a simple power cord so you don't have to worry about mounting a charger to your sink or wall. I would endorse this trimmer for everyone with a beard who wants to maintain it in control, or who has a beard and does not want a beard (but detests shaving with a razor) or just wants the scruffy look. 

Remington's Mustache and Beard Trimmer

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