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Remington Titanium Trimmer – One Trimmer Does it All


The Remington Titanium Remington Titanium TrimmerTrimmer is a deluxe personal trimmer and grooming product that comes with five attachments needed for keeping a beard, mustache, neckline, nose, ears, eyebrows and sideburns well groomed. It makes a great gift idea that is also inexpensive for the busy businessman or any well groomed man that wants to maintain their facial hair trimming at home.


How to Use the Remington Titanium Trimmer

Maintaining a Beard

Use the wide trimmer with comb attachment and set the comb to the desired length. Test a small area under the chin first to determine if the correct length is chosen as it's often better to start with the longest setting first before trimming the beard too short.

Start at the area under the chin and gently use the trimmer in an upward motion to cut the hairs of the beard. Follow the shape of the beard to continue trimming the entire beard.

The beard line can easily be maintained for a straight and well groomed beard using the trimmer against the face at the edges of the beard.

If thinning of the beard is required, a comb can be used to lift the beard hairs upward while cutting off the excess hairs with the wide trimmer attachment.

Practice makes a perfectly trimmed beard.


Maintaining a Mustache

Trimming a mustache at home is easily achieved by using the wide trimmer attachment. Simply comb the hair upward and hold the trimmer against the comb to remove long or unwanted hairs.

Continue trimming a mustache by trimming in an upward, downward and across motions to remove all unwanted hairs and to achieve a trim and handsome mustache.

Mustache trimming can be done safely as often as necessary to remove longer growing hairs above the lip area.


Trimming the Neckline

The wide trimmer attachment is used for neckline trimming by holding the edge of the trimmer at the neckline area. It's amazing how fast these hairs grow along the back of the neck and it looks unprofessional when they're not neatly groomed.

Using a finger on the hairs to be kept untrimmed will prevent cutting into those areas.

The neckline could best be trimmed with the assistance of a helper or it is always suggested to use a mirror to see behind the head.

Trimming the Nose Hairs

A nose trimmer is included with this professional grooming tool to safely get rid of excess nose hairs. It's surprising how quickly they can show up, isn't it.

Gently insert the trimmer end into one nostril no more than 1/4 of the way in and slowly rotate to remove any unwanted hairs.

Repeat the same motion to the other nostril when all excess hairs are trimmed and no longer visible. Having your own grooming tool always charged in your bathroom makes this task a breeze any day of the week.


Trimming the Ears

The ear canal is sensitive and care should always be taken when inserted anything into this area of the body. Find a helper if you are not comfortable trimming the nose or ear hairs.

Using the ear trimmer attachment similar to nose hair trimming, gently insert the trimmer edge into the ear no more than 1/4 inch inward.

Use small gently circular motions so that the trimmer can cut off excess ear hairs while looking into a mirror for safety of the ears.

Repeat on the other ear slowly and easily.


Trimming the Eyebrows

The Remington trimmer can thin bushy eyebrows and help to create a well formed shape of the eyebrow.

Trimming the eyebrows uses the nose hair trimmer attachment.

Holding the trimmer against the cheek area for stability, follow the eyebrow shape to remove excess long hairs.

Carefully comb the eyebrows in the opposite direction of growth to thin any excess hair growth.

Trim the eyebrows a small amount at a time until a comfort level is reached with more and more practice.


Trimming Sideburns with the Remington Titanium Trimmer

Use the small nose hair trimmer attachment to follow the lines of sideburns to get an even and clean line.

Use a mirror to see the line of sideburn while turning the head sideways and to keep all facial hairs well groomed and neat in shape.


Cleaning the Trimmer

After each use, clean the trimmer attachments using the small brush included to remove all hairs.

The attachments should be washed with warm soapy water only and allowed to air dry for the next use. Harsh chemicals will destroy the finish and is not recommended.

If the blades become dull, use sewing machine oil only to the blades to keep them functioning properly.

More things you'll like:

The Trimmer can be stored in the enclosed case it arrives in with the attachments to prevent loss of these small items which also makes it great for travel and business trips.

Keep the Remington Titanium Trimmer charged in the charger for future use any time you're ready and always away from water to prevent electrical shock, fires or burns. Keep away from small children and never use electrical appliances with damaged cords.

The Remington Titanium Trimmer includes a two year limited warranty so keep the purchase receipt to obtain a refund if the unit is defective.


Buying a Remington Titanium Trimmer

Many department stores, drug stores and online shopping sites carry this popular trimmer for under $25 or even less than $20.  You can shop online for comparison price shopping, look for deals on and often times other discounts with multiple purchases on sites like overstock or amazon. Good luck on your purchase of the Remington Titanium Trimmer – it should last for years with proper care, cleaning and storage.






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