A garage remodel can add valuable space to any home. Many homeowners dream of a great garage where they can relax, work, or play, but the cost involved in a remodel can seem daunting. Below are some great tips that don't necessarily have to cost a lot, but can add some real character to a garage.

Workshop Space

The shadetree mechanic and backyard tinkerer may dream of having a space that they can pursue work or home repair projects in without disturbing the rest of the house. This dream is easy to make a reality. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are very affordable and can create instant storage. A simple workbench can be designed from two by fours and plywood. Some strong lighting and some cheap tackle boxes or other container to hold small parts or hobby gear is all it takes to set up this space. A portable radio and small refrigerator will add some creature comforts.

Home Gym

Garage RemodelDiet and exercise are always on many homeowners' New Year's Resolution List, but finding the time and space can be a problem. The garage is the perfect spot. Remnant stores can offer a cheap source for some industrial grade garage carpeting and used sporting good shops or Internet sources like a local craigslist can provide a world of used exercise gear. The walls can be brightened with some paint or vinyl lettering and a few tumbling mats can also be added to the space to encourage yoga and other non-weight related exercising. Toss in a small refrigerator for a cool beverage and a portable sound system and this garage transformation can inspire anyone to workout.

Man Cave

The garage can be a great man cave with just a few simple additions. Some sports posters or automobile related gear always look great on the walls. A pool table, Harley Davidson dartboard,  and some neon beer signs are great choices, too. A sturdy yard sale couch and big screen TV will fill out the rest and make it a great place to hangout with friends and family. A man cave does not have to be perfect and one that is a bit on the shabby side can still have a great deal of masculine appeal.

Most of the things needed to make a workshop, gym or man cave are probably already in a homeowner's house. The desire to have a custom garage does not have to remain a dream. A garage makeover can be simple and cost effective to achieve, but the results can be amazing!