Remodeling bathroom is an exciting idea. However, the reality can differ from the dream. It can make sense in case you are going to reside in your home forever or at least for a long time. In that case bathroom remodeling alternatives widen since you are looking to make yourself happy with the new design. In case you are going to sell the house in the foreseeable future, the whole idea of remodeling gets alternative interpretation. Even such big jobs are not that hard to succeed. It takes some persistence and a bit of dedication. The following hints possibly will help you to carry out your bathroom remodeling while saving as much cash as possible.

Floor and Walls.

Since changing stone tile is a very expensive process, you can just give your bathroom a new look by placing nice watertight rug on a floor. As to the walls, decorative flowers and vegetation placed in the spots of immediate attention would greatly improve the new look of your bathroom.


Expend a little cash on lights and you will see your bathroom in a new more beautiful and attractive view. Illumination with a dimmer is a sine idea as this will allow you to alter the light intensity from bright to relaxing subdued. One more cheap way to remodel your bathroom is adding decorative wall bracket with little lamps. It will add extra illumination and comfortableness.

The Horrible Tub

In case you are not willing to shell out to replace a horrible old tub, you have an option to cover it up. Covering old bath tub with enclosure can make the whole bathroom look like untouched. Such service is much cheaper than the price of brand new tub.


Since replacing a sink or tub is costly, it is much cheaper to change old faucets for nice new ones. It is possible change the whole bathroom style by placing stylish faucets that fit your taste. It is a good idea to keep faucets updated anyway to avoid leaks and other accidents.


A cute shower curtain is an effective way to improve style and color of your bathroom; you can also place additional curtains in other parts of the bathroom. Firstly you can of course hang new curtains on the window. However you can be creative and put them on shelves, vanities and other places. Certainly, you will wish to stay away from using too fancy fabric in your bathroom, particularly if is used a lot of time.


It is the small things that have an ability to make a huge difference to the appearance of your remodeled bathroom. A metal or wicker shelf will attract your look as nice antique teapot or ivy plant. A new set of soap dish, toothbrush holder and cup will also add freshness.


When remodeling your bathroom, do not forget to visit online sites about bathroom interior design. They can be inexhaustible source of ideas as well as a place to buy cheap components for your bathroom remodeling and decoration.