Toys For All Ages: Helicopter Fun

Which Toy Helicopter is Better? You Decide.

Helicopter toys can be great fun, especially when you find the one that is just right for you.  When purchasing items, it is always best to do your due diligence when preparing to spend your money on a product. Most credible establishments usually have good return policies, but it’s always best if you get exactly what you were looking for in the beginning.

Assuming that you are an ordinary civilian, and not a soldier or other form of pilot, flying a remote controlled helicopter may likely be as close as you get.  Fear not, these ageless toys are great excitement for the whole family.  The cheaper pricing along with zero to minimal training requirements, allows this toy to in some ways supersede using the real helicopters.

This article will give you a few ideas to keep in mind when choosing a remote control helicopter.  Although different flying toy helicopters look similar, they have differing features that may or may not lead you into their direction.  I will be discussing two popular models on the market today, and explaining the similar and unique selling points for each.

These types of RC toys have become popular over the past while.  They are enjoyed by young and old alike, and different companies really tailors their helicopters to their purchaser’s interests.  New technologies have increased the dependability of flying these toy aircraft, and being able to steer, hover and truly enjoy these products.

Let’s start with the very important question, where can we buy these two types?  Both helicopters in this article can be purchased on Amazon and other retail stores.  They are very similar in pricing as well.

Syma S107G R/c Helicopter

Syma S107G R/C HelicopterCredit: Amazon

First let’s explore the Syma S107G R/c Helicopter.  This helicopter model is designed for people over 8 years old.  It has two selectable frequencies, allowing you to fly two helicopters simultaneously.  It has a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver consisting of the following: ESC, Mixer, Gyro, and Receiver.  Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re left asking “What the heck are these things, and why do I care if it has it?”  Let me help you with that.

Over 220 people said similar comments about this helicopter, stating that it is a “Great little helicopter, very easy and fun to fly, and durable as well[3515].”

The term “ESC” stands for Electronic Speed Control.   This is what is going to allow you to go zooming quickly past, or sauntering slowly by.  The speed is up to you, but is managed by the ESC either way.

The term “Mixer”, does exactly that, mixes the power ratio between the rotors.  It is the combination of the tail and main rotor power that lets you fly in the direction that you want to go in.  If it were not for the Mixer, your helicopter would likely keep spinning in one direction, giving no heed to where you wanted it to go.

The “Gyro”, when referring to these remote helicopters, is what enhances the functionality of the mixer.  It is the Gyro that helps to hold the nose of the helicopter in place.  It balances out the sudden shifting to the left or right.

One pleased customer said that they “... originally bought my son a different RC helicopter from our corner drugstore for $20 and he really enjoyed playing with it, even though it had no steering control-just up and down.  I wanted something better so I bought this S107.  Man, what a huge leap in quality for an extra $10!  The difference is night and day. This is a sharp looking little helicopter and is super easy to fly.  I'm getting him another for a backup and also one for myself[3515].”

This helicopter model is fairly small, easily able to rest on the palm of your hand.  Don’t let the size fool you though, this remote control helicopter has a sleek, severe look to it.  It definitely has the “cool” factor that so many youths are looking for.

The frame is made out of aluminum, allowing the weight of manufacturing it to stay low.  Yet aluminum is quite sturdy, allowing the helicopter to be smashed and crashed repeatedly.  Many customers have said that theirs have “...crashed many times and still works.”

It takes about 25 minutes to charge this particular heli, and you are able to get about 5-6minutes of fly time from it before needing to recharge. 

Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter

Gyro Mini Indoor HelicopterCredit: Amazon

The second helicopter that we will examine more closely today is the 3 Channel RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter.  This model is recommended for people who are 6 years and older. 

This too, has the Gyro built in, helping to better steer the copter.  It greatly helps with balancing the quick shifting to the left or the right.

It also boasts a “Trim Control” which is going to help keeping your drifting down to a minimal.  The lowered drifting will allow easy usage for indoor play as well as outdoor fun.  Over fifty people said that “This helicopter is easy to fly and very stable[3516].”

The majority of the RC helicopter is made out of plastic, creating a very light, high functioning toy.   Allowing it to climb quicker and fly for longer periods of time without needed charged as often.  This heli charges in less than 20 minutes and flying time last for 7-12 minutes.

One customer said that they “...bought this RC Helicopter for my dad (age 73) as a Christmas gift.  It's his first RC toy and he's in love with it.  As soon as we charged it up, the whole family was fighting over who could fly it next! My dad seems the most skilled flyer.  The helicopter is very sturdy and resilient[3516].”

As you can tell, both companies have created a product that will engage its user for hours of entertainment.  Both have some similar as well as some unique selling features.  Please also note, that both companies warn that there are choking hazards on the models.

So, whether you are looking for a toy for a child, or a stress reliever for an adult, these remote control toy helicopters may be just the thing you were looking for.