Remote Viewing Training

Initial RV steps

This simple instruction will help you to practice and become an accomplished remote viewer. Ask a family member to place something unusual in your bedroom. The object must be hidden and it is best if you don’t use foodstuffs that smell like cheese or garlic but do make sure that the object if foreign to the bedroom. Before you go to sleep concentrate on the ‘mysterious’ object and then clear your mind and thoughts of everything else. Picture your inner eye opening (when you sleep) to gather information around you. Immediately upon waking write down your thoughts which first come into your consciousness.

Remote Viewing techniques

With practice you can improve your remote viewing abilities. Remote viewing is like Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) but the viewer psychically or spiritually visits an object or place when dreaming or in a trance like state. Check to see if you have located the object, firstly it’s hiding place and then the object itself. It may be very vague at first and seem not to have a connection but you will improve over time so do not get disheartened in the initial few weeks of practice. You will get great satisfaction from your successes and can progress to using your inner eye when you are not asleep.

The seventh sense, what is it? 

Remote viewingThe 7th sense is the remote viewing ability. Some older cultures are believed to have had experience of remote viewing from hundreds of years ago. US Native Americans recall their ancestors making spiritual journeys to places previously unknown to them. Likewise with the Australian aboriginals, the indigenous people of Australia who were very spiritualistic and could look beyond the fabric of the physical being.

Who or what is a shaman?

The African, Asian and North American shaman is reputed to be able to influence the spiritual or psychic world for good or for evil. The interaction frequently involves remote viewing capabilities whilst in a hypnotic trance and once the normal state of consciousness returns the shaman can divulge information on places visited which were previously unknown to them. Shamans often have astral travel abilities too. Proving that you possess the ability to remotely view is one of the main difficulties for the shaman because of the number of unbelievers that exist.
Remote Viewing targets what part of the brain?

The secrets of psychometry

Remote Viewing HandbookThere are many books available on the subject but I found this one Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook to be excellent. Research into psychometry and remote viewing was at its peak during the 1970's but is still ongoing today. There are many ways to facilitate and promote the ability to see events and circumstances through tactile techniques. Harmonics in the brain are important and can be enhanced significantly according to latest studies.

Psychometry and the brain waves 

Most critical is the alpha wave levels of the brain which can assist with our remote viewing abilities. The phenomena of psychometry is improved in some people by enhancing beta harmonics in relation to mid range alpha frequency brain activity. 

Remote Viewing predictions

Is it possible to gather information from far away?

The seeming ability to move within the spirit world that opens up to them, via a tactile object or a lucky charm, is part of the ability of the remote viewer. The most important point is that people, when they view remotely, are accurately describing events that are happening or have already happened at some distance, far from their current physical location. The information was not previously known to them. 

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