Are You thinking of moving home?


At last your house has finally been sold, that is terrific. Now is when the fun starts. You have to work out whether you will hire a trailer and shift yourself, or hire a removal van to do all the work, both packing your belongings and moving them. You can also pack everything yourself which will be less expensive and then know exactly what is in each box.Er.. well we think we will know but after shifting about a dozen times I still have trouble finding some little thing that didn't belong anyway so it was just thrown into a box. Hence we could not find it.

Choosing the removal company

You will have to ring around and get a few different quotes from removals companies.Show them exactly what has to go and get them to put it in writing otherwise they can say you have added extra and try to charge you more.If it is written it will safe guard you and them?

Ask your friends for recommendations, if possible get someone that is happy with the job they have done.Some companies are rough with the furniture often classed as cowboys.At time they are in a hurry to get the job done with no respect for your things.

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If you are anything like us. We have used boxes like this over and over again and our friends have borrowed them to shift as well.


Make sure that your furniture is insured from the time the furniture movers arrive at your home until it is moved into your new home.Damages can occur at the best of times.Ask to see a document from the furniture movers stating that your things are covered.

Furniture Storage

If you need to store your furniture for any length of time make sure that your insurance will cover any damage not found until you finally open the boxes.You may be caught out with damaged articles because it is stored and you do not know it is damaged until unpacked months later.

Boxes for storage

You will need to buy or borrow enough boxes to store all your possessions in.Try to use the larger ones for lighter things.And use the smaller boxes for heavier items.If you only have large boxes then share the weight between light and heavy objects.

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These are great for those heavier items of precious china with bubble wrap so they will not break. Remember when packing books and china items are very heavy so use smaller boxes so you can still lift them around the rooms.

Your New Home

Check out your new area, remember to enroll the children for their new school and make sure you know where the hospital and doctor is in case of any emergencies.In other words make sure you know where everything is before moving to your new home.

Packing Tips

The moment your house is sold or before if possible start to pack things you have not used for six months into boxes. The earlier you start the better organized you will be.

Extra tips

  • Write on the outside of the box which room is packed inside, so it goes to the correct room in new house.
  • Use excess linen and towels to wrap your breakables in.Try not to create excess rubbish by using paper.
  • Make a rough list of items in each box in case you need it in a hurry and stick on outside
  • Where possible leave linen articles in small drawers they will not be in the way. Do empty and pack large drawers.


Write a Must Do Checklist

  • Book a cleaner or carpet cleaner depending on conditions of sale
  • Organize transportation of pets if moving interstate.
  • Arrange to have gas and electricity connected to new house
  • Arrange to have gas and electricity meters read on day you move
  • Eat as much food as possible in fridge before moving
  • defrost and clean with bicarbonate of soda to remove odors the day before moving
  • If you have to clean your home yourself, start early, where possible move furniture and clean under it.
  • If you have to clean windows do this during the last week.
  • Checklist for move day
  • Make sure you leave the coffee, tea, kettle and cups out so you can make a cuppa on the day
  • Make sure you have all the keys ready for handover
  • Check behind doors, look in all cupboards
  • Now that house is empty give the house a final clean unless you have employed a cleaner.
  • Do a final check of the whole house recheck the cupboards and around the yard
  • Make sure you have packed the hoses and any gardening tools
  • Don't forget the dog, cat or the birds
  • Make a rough list of items in each box in case you need it in a hurry and stick on outside
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These come in 3 sizes. medium, large and Jumbo so you can store almost anything in these.

Last you need to tick the list off

 When you make a list or even print this list off, be sure to cross off everything as you do it, then you will not be wondering have I forgotten anything.If you can think of anything else add it to this list now.

Above all I hope you enjoy your new home, even though it will be sad to leave all your nice old neighbors.


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