White stretch marks are harder to remove than the reddish stretch marks because the wound has already healed. Think of a stretch mark like any other ordinary wound, if you don't treat a fresh wound, then it will scar. Stretch marks are no different than every other scratch or wound. They require the same level of treatment to prevent scarring.

If you wish to remove your white stretch marks, there are solutions such as prescription medication and laser surgery. There are also natural methods available on the market. Despite claims of some natural white stretch mark removal products, very few are able to remove or completely hide the scarring caused by stretch marks.

The advantage of using a natural home remedy is that the cost is typically much cheaper than other options. So, if you can find a natural product that actually works, then you'll save a lot of money. Remember, the common prescription medications and laser surgeries are extremely expensive to remove white stretch marks.

A good first option is to try applying castor oil over the white stretch mark area. Apply the oil, preferably at night time before you sleep. Also, try applying a heating pad to the stretch mark area. Massage the oil on your white stretch marks for at least 10 minutes (massage rigorously), place a piece of plastic on the massaged skin and place the heating pad on the area of concern. Leave the pad on the white stretch mark area for about 25 minutes. Maker sure the heating pad is not too hot for your skin.

A good alternative to castor oil is using a product containing Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has a high hydrating ability that can moisturize the skin deeply as it promotes cell regeneration to cure scars. The cell regeneration from the Aloe Vera might help remove or hide the harsh appearance of white stretch marks over time.

Daily usage of anti stretch mark creams after taking the shower is an effective anti stretch mark approach. The massaging process is often time consuming so, it might be best to apply ointments or creams in the evening. Using anti stretch mark creams is much easier than using advanced massage or heating pad remedies. Hopefully, you will be able to find a stretch mark cream that can help hide or remove white stretch marks.

It's important to remember that water is vital to your skin's health. It's important to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water will help your skin look health and can help hide heal scarring on your skin.