All of us at some point have been stuck with a blood stain on something of importance. It isn't hard to have a little accident and stain your carpet or a white shirt. Unfortunately if allowed to dry these stains can get set in deep into the carpet and become almost impossible to clean. Just look at some of the ancient ruins of the Aztecs, who are notorious for the prevalence of the practice of human sacrifice in their culture. Their ruins where these were performed are still stained red with the blood of their victims even after hundreds of years of rain water, wind, and other factors.

With a little searching around online you can quickly learn that we now have many wonderful modern methods that can be used to remove blood stains. Even the worst blood stains can be removed with some products that are relatively cheap.

Any house hold with young children will know how easily you can get a much feared blood stain on almost any surface in your house. Sure some of them clean away easily with household cleaning products, however this is usually only the case on hard surfaces. Anything like carpet, fabric covered furniture, or clothing can easily get a stain that will seem virtually impossible to clean away. This is especially bad on light colored cloth surfaces. There are a few old wives tails on how to remove a blood stain.

Some of these include peeing or spitting on the offending stain. Naturally most of us have a problem with the thought of trying to get a blood stain out with urine or saliva. This would also be a problem if you are trying to clean up a crime scene because it would only leave your DNA behind (ok that was a bad joke). I certainly hope that isn't the situation. These methods are also a little bit questionable in their effectiveness.

If the blood is still relatively wet and hasn't had time to set in there are a few tricks you can try. The easiest would be to simply use some dish soap or household cleaner and try to scrub the stain out. Again, this will work great if you are quick about it. Otherwise no matter how much you scrub the blood stain may never come out. Another good method is to use hydrogen peroxide on the area of the stain. It will bubble for a minute, and then you can try to scrub it away again. If it isn't set in too much this should remove the blood stain easily.