Hardwood kitchen-cabinets can start to accumulate a buildup of grease-grime. As you cook, grease and cooking oil splatters and the small droplets end up landing on your wood cabinets. Grime is mixture of the grease and oil with dust and dirt which looks absolutely awful in a kitchen because your kitchen no longer looks clean. Nobody wants to prepare a meal or eat food in a dirty room. The most affected areas are the hardwood cabinet doors because they are the first spot the splatters find to land on.



After all the time you have invested into choosing the perfect hardwood-cabinets, the money spent and maybe even the back breaking labor, you want your cabinets to look nice all of the time.

Cleaning hardwood cabinets is not as difficult as you might imagine. Whether you have cherry wood cabinets, oak cabinets or some other type of hardwood-cabinets, there is one very easy cleaning solution to remove the grease.

Make a 50-50 solution of non-sudsing household ammonia and warm water.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Spray all of the exposed surfaces of your kitchen-cabinets. Work on one area of the cabinet at a time.

Allow the ammonia and water to soak into the grease-grime for a minute or two.

Use a soft cloth such as a well worn piece of flannel to rub off the grease-grime.

Follow with a soft, clean, damp rag.

Immediately and thoroughly dry the hardwood surface with another soft, clean, dry cloth. Do not allow the residue from the cleaning solution to dry on its' own. If it does dry on its own, it will cause small spots or marks on the cabinets. These spots are more noticeable on darker colored hardwoods such as cherry wood.

If the hardwood cabinets are particularly greasy or grimy, repeat the steps until all of the grease buildup is removed.

To prevent a grease-grime buildup on your wood cabinets, apply a coat of wax which will keep kitchen grease and oil from sticking to the surface.

Clean your hardwood cabinets on a regular basis with ammonia at least once every other week or more if you fry foods frequently. After frying or using oil and grease wipe the wood cabinet surfaces down to minimize grime in your kitchen.

Treat your wood cabinets just as you would treat any other piece of fine furniture in your house.

Grease buildup on kitchen-cabinets can be dangerous. If there is a large buildup of grease, it can become a fire hazard.