If you are a pet lover, you probably already know about how the fur and hair clings to your furniture and makes it look as if you've draped a fur throw over your chairs and sofas. Even if you buy the best vacuum to remove pet-hair from furniture, the dog hair and cat hair seems to just stick. It is embarrassing to have your family and friends stand up and be covered in pet-hair. Cats and dogs use our furniture like it's their furniture leaving behind stray pet-hair. This is a very frustrating and annoying problem especially during shedding season. Some breeds of cats and dogs seem to shed all year round, while other shed seasonally. pet-hair left behind on furniture is difficult to remove regardless if you have a short, wiry haired dog or a long haired cat. The amount of fur they leave behind is astounding because it does not seem like they even have that much fur to begin with.

Stray, shedded pet-hair is also an allergy concern for those sensitive to animal fur and dander and pet-hair is a favorite living space for certain bugs, both of which make it very important to remove the pet-hair from the furniture on a regular basis. There are many products on the market that claim to simply and easily remove pet-hair, unfortunately many of these products simply don't work or are expensive. There is actually a very simple, effective and inexpensive way to remove the pet-hair from your furniture that you can make yourself.

pet-hair Removal Formula

In a medium size lidded jar or plastic container, add approximately 1 cup of plain warm water.

Mix in 1/2 of a teaspoon of glycerin. Glycerin is a thickening agent that is available at pharmacies and grocery stores.

Dip a clean sponge into the mixture. Do not use a sponge that has been pre-soaked with detergent or dish soap, a plain sponge is all you need.

Squeeze out the excess water so the sponge is damp, not dripping wet.

Run the sponge in straight lines going in one direction over the furniture to remove pet fur. Do not rub the sponge back and forth over the furniture because you will redistribute the fur. The dog hair or cat hair will stick to the sponge like a magnet.

Rinse the sponge with plain water to remove pet fur as needed while you are working on your pet-hair laden furniture.

Store this pet-hair remover within easy reach if you own a shedding dog or cat.

This works on upholstered furniture, curtains, drapes and clothing. This homemade pet-hair remover is very easy to use and very effective. It is a much cheaper alternative to a specialty pet-hair vacuum, lint brushes or any other pet-hair removers on the market. Cheap and easy works best in removing pet-hair.

pet-hair Removal Tips

Remove pet-hair daily during shedding season to prevent a large buildup.

Brush your dog or cat daily to help remove loose fur and cut down on the amount of fur on the furniture.

Have your dog or cat groomed to help reduce at home shedding.

Place old sheets over furniture when you are not at home to keep the pet fur off the furniture.

Keep one lint brush near the front door and one in the glove compartment of your car, just in case you leave your house covered in pet fur.

Vacuum your house often to pick up stray pet fur and hair, which will help keep it from landing on your furniture.