Removing pimples has always been a challenge for humans for generations. Acne or pimple removal products and treatments are a multimillion dollar business. Although there are many effective products available in the market but they cost a good amount of money and many of them are just not suitable for your skin type. But you only come to know once you have spent money buying them. However, you do not have to worry because there are many ways you could get rid of pimples through things used in your daily life. These natural ways to cure acne will work just as fine as the big acne products in the market do, so here are some:

Prepare oatmeal without salt and let it cool down. Once cold enough apply it on your face and other infected body areas. Let the paste remain on your skin for about 25 minutes and then wash it with fresh water. Oatmeal has extraordinary effects on your acne pimples and you will note the improvement yourself.

Pillow cover seems a very harmless item of your bedroom but it is one of the most important aspects for removing pimples from your skin. Clean pillowcase will guard you from bacteria and germs during 8 long hours of your sleep. During your sleep your face skin is in constant contact with the pillowcase and if that is not clean it allows germs and bacteria to settle in pores of your face and clog them. Applying some tea tree oil on your pimples before sleeping also helps in reducing the effect of pimples.

Try to minimize junk and oily food as far as possible. Consuming well balance diet is another important aspect for removing pimples. Introduce more vegetable and fruit in your daily meals, it does sound little dry and difficult but try to adopt it gradually and you will soon experience reduced acne and pimples.

Stress plays a vital role in having a healthy skin. Get out of your daily routine and take a little time out every once in a while. Try having some recreational activity to put your focus away from the stressful atmosphere. Getting rid of anxiety and stress means healthy skin and removed pimples.

If you are desperately looking for reducing the redness of that pimple, just put some ice on it for few minutes. Eye washing drops can also be used for reducing the pimple redness; it has the same effect on pimples as on red eyes.

Clean you face with anti bacterial soap few times a day. First use warm water which will open the clogged pores of your skin and remove all the unwanted elements like oil and bacteria from your skin pores. After this, use cold water to clean your face with anti bacterial soap. This will close the opened pores and cease any further development of bacteria on your skin and remove pimples.

Prevention is always better than cure, if you adopt these simple natural acne treatment to prevent your skin from having pimples it will definitely proved to be a lot less hassle required in removing pimples.