You have this gorgeous ring on your finger, from your new guy, It fits like a charm, but then things go wrong, and you want to remove ring from said finger. But for whatever reason, that snug fitting ring is just not budging. Just how are you suppose to throw the ring at him when you can get it off of your finger?

You can remove the ring by cutting it off, (the ring that is) or you can just relax and try a few of these simple tricks before you ruin the ring. 


This is the first thing to try, as it usually works quite well. Put the plug in the sink, then lather up your hands and your ring finger with the lather, and then try and slide it off. You could then plunge your hand into a sink of cold water to rinse off the lather and sometimes that will help to slide it off.

Ice it

It could be simply that you are hot, and your hands will swell when you are hot, so take an ice pack and wrap it around your hand, and hold your hand in the air. If you keep it above your heart, it will help to reduce the swelling. After you have iced it for as long as you can stand, you should notice it (ring) becoming looser then remove it.


If you do not have access to a ice pack, and you need to get this off, then cover it and the ring with butter. Start working it around. Now make sure you have your hand over a towel or something where the ring will be found. Obviously do not be trying to remove it over the sink!


If you have been trying everything to remove it, then chances are the finger is red a swollen and worse than when you first started. So before you go to bed, ice your hand again and hold it up, then dry it off and slather with moisturizer, then put on a white cotton glove. This will lock in the moisture in your finger, and it may slide off in the morning.


If you have the time to get this ring off, then reduce your salt intake for a few days and then ice your hand. Salt has a tendency to cause swelling and puffiness. You may actually like how you feel by cutting back salt and continue on this path! Removing this ring may just start a healthier trend for you.

Plastic Wrap

This is getting to the last resorts, but has worked before. With the help of a friend wrap the knuckle in front of the ring tightly with plastic wrap, this tightens up the finger and skin, and then rub some moisturizer or butter around it and then try and slide it off over the tightly wrapped plastic. Don't leave this plastic wrap on your finger for very long, just long enough to try and remove it.

Lose Weight

Depending on how long this ring has been on your finger, you could have more weight on you than you did before, trying to lose a few pounds for a week or so, may be just enough weight loss to loosen it. If you are pregnant, it wouldn't hurt to get your rings off now before it gets too hard to get them off.

Cut it Off as a Last Resort

If all of this fails, then you may need to get the ring cut off, but most times, you can get one of the above tips to work and get it off for good for good.

You can go to a jewelry store to have this done or you can purchase a cutting tool online as above to do this yourself at home.

Or maybe you will decide you like this ring, and it was meant to just stay on your finger!.