Ah! So you finally bought and installed those beautiful granite countertops in your home and someone left a metal hairspray can or an old nail or maybe used cheap bleach on your gorgeous counters and now you have ugly brownish orange rust-stains. Scrubbing and more scrubbing does nothing to get rid of the unsightly rust-stains on your counters. Rust sinks into granite because of the porous nature of the stone and leaves behind a seemingly impossible to clean stain on your lovely countertops. First, do not panic, its can be removed.

Granite counters are installed in kitchen and bathrooms because of their rich look, but if the granite is not sealed you can end up with stains that are near impossible to get rid of. Stains on granite countertops completely ruin the look of the room. After all of the money you invested in your countertops, you want them to look nice for many years to come. You don't want to immediately see stains from oil, grease, red wine, tea, coffee or rust on your magnificent counters. Armed with the knowledge of the correct products to use and how to use them, you can remove rust-stains and restore the striking beauty to your countertops.

Removing its from Your Countertops

Always begin with the easiest stain removal product and if you do not have success try the next method.


Buy a liquid rust-remover. Liquid rust-removers are available at auto supply stores, hardware stores, home improvement stores and online.

Use a clean, dry texture or rough rag such as an old terry cloth towel. corduroy or a piece of denim.

Apply the liquid rust-remover to your rag of choice and vigorously rub the area with it for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Another Method

If it is deeper than just a surface stain and did not come out of the granite countertops try the next step.

Buy white powdered chalk at a paint store, hardware store or home improvement store.

Place the powdered chalk into a small container and slowly add liquid rust-remover.

Mix continuously to form a fairly thick paste.

Spread the paste on its.

Immediately cover the paste with plastic wrap.

Secure the edges of the plastic wrap with a light tack masking tape.

Allow it to stand overnight.

In the morning, remove the tape and the plastic.

Use a textured or rough rag and rub the area.

Wipe up the paste.

Clean the area with a mild dish detergent and plain water.

If it remains, repeat the process.

If its are gone, apply a coat of wax to help protect the granite surface from stains.