Brick pavers look beautiful as a the surface of your patio. Patio stand up to a lot of use through entertaining, parties, families and much more. The patio tends to be the hub of activity during the nice weather months and ends up getting much use and abuse. soot-stains can develop on a brick paver patio from the use of an outdoor fire pit, barbeque grill, along with other fire and smoke debris such as fire in a nearby location. soot-stains are ugly black marks on the patio and look plain awful. soot-stains greatly detract from the beauty of your paver patio and should be cleaned off of the bricks. Cleaning takes some elbow grease and know how, but the soot-stains can be removed from the patio to restore the beauty of the brick. Do not let the soot-stains accumulate, the more often they are cleaned up, the less hard work for you.


Use a cheese grater to grate 1 bar of laundry bar soap. Fels Naptha works extremely well for stain removal. Fels Naptha is available at many grocery stores, discount stores and online.

Add approximately 1/2 of a gallon of boiling water to a large bucket.

Add the grated soap and stir until the soap is completely dissolved.

Allow the water to cool to warm, not cold. The water should be warm, but comfortable to the touch.

Add 2 1/2 cups of powdered pumice. Powdered pumice is available at hardware stores and home improvement stores.

Add 3/4 of a cup of non sudsing household ammonia.

Mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon or paint stirrer.

Use a stiff bristled brush or stiff bristled push broom to apply the soap mixture to the soot-stains. Scrub in a circular motion beginning at the outside of the stain, working your way towards the center of the stain.

Allow the soapy solution to stand for 45 minutes to an hour on the soot-stains.

Flush the area with warm water.

Spray with a hose and rinse very well to remove all traces of soot and soap.

If the soot-stains remain on your brick pavers, repeat the process. If you have old and built up soot-stains on your patio, it may require several washings to remove all of the stain. The washings can be repeated in the same day, there is no need to wait in between applications.