Spyware Detected

Is your computer running slow and sluggish? Are you experiencing an entourage of unwanted pop-up ads? Chances are you have some type of Spyware or Adware bogging down your system. Here you will find some simple to use remedies and ways to remove Spyware from your computer at no cost – that is right I mean 100% free.

For starters you will need to find out if your system is being invaded by these unwanted information spies. So to begin you can visit Microsoft’s official website and scan your computer using the program called Windows Defender or you can simply search out the program called BitDefender and use their free scan to check your system for any of these invasive spyware or adware programs.

Above are just a couple of options, there are dozens of free spyware scans available online if you take the time to really look around you can come across some really good ones Using these scans will show you if you need to remove spyware from your computer. Once the scans are complete if spyware has been detected there are several ways and many removal programs that will remove spyware from your computer for free. You can do a simple Google or Yahoo search for free removal programs or you can try some of the free Adware and Spyware removal sites listed below:

safer-networking.org (SpybotSearch&Destroy)

After you have scanned your system completely and had the chance to remove Spyware from your computer make sure you install any current updates for your system (i.e. windows, I.E. etc). These security updates may be a pain in the butt and often time consuming as well but, they really do help to protect your system and help keep it safe against future attacks of spyware, adware, viruses and hackers. Ok so now that you have updated your system and taken the time to remove the Spyware from your computer you need to install a program that will protect you from further infestations.

You can try SpywareBlaster which will help to protect your system from future attacks or simply call up your local Geek Squad or stop in at Best Buy and find out what they would recommend. Personally, I’ve tried many different programs and have found that I’ve been happy (if not more-so) with the majority of the free protection service providers as I have been with the ones I had to pay an outrageous fee to install and use.

Notes: For a lot of the simpler spyware infections the above free spyware removal programs will work to keep your computer clean and malware free. However, if it is in your budget and you have found a program that works consider purchasing the premium version which often comes with more features including but not limited to; automatic updates, more security options and more indepth customer support. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that not all of the above programs will protect your computer from serious virus' and attacks. For that you will want to purchase an anti-virus software program. (AVG is an anti-virus program available in both free and premium versions.)