Castor oil is great for removing warts

Did you know you can remove warts with castor oil? It’s very easy and simpler than going to the doctor‘s office and getting them removed by a dermatologist. Not to mention that it’s going to cost you much less!

Warts are annoying, painful, and embarrassing. I remember when I used to have them on my fingers I tried really hard to keep people from seeing them. It’s definitely nice to remove them and have clean smooth fingers again! Since I don’t have good health insurance and didn’t want to spend much money, I decided to try some home remedies for curing warts. I didn’t have much success with the duct tape, bleach, or apple vinegar methods. The only thing that worked for me was castor oil.

Remove Warts with Castor Oil

There are a couple ways to get those ugly warts off your skin. Different people advocate different techniques, but as always, your mileage may vary. Here’s how to do it:

1. Band-Aid Technique – With this technique you apply a small amount to the bandage pad of a band-aid and then apply to your wart.

    I have personally found this to be a very good way to remove warts. I have removed numerous warts from my fingers this way. It actually works much faster than I thought it would. The first time I tried this technique, I thought it would take a couple weeks at least to see any results. I was very surprised when it worked much quicker. I wrapped my finger in a band-aid with castor oil on it and left it on overnight. I did the same thing for the entire next day. After that, I forgot about it and didn’t do anything else. A week later I noticed that most of it had turned black and a few days later it was simply gone.

    2. Open-Air Technique – I have heard of many people skipping the band-aid altogether just dabbing a little castor oil on their wart every morning and at night.

      Warts love oxygen, and applying even a thin layer of castor oil is enough to suffocate it. This technique will probably take a bit longer than using a band-aid, but it’s less annoying. Many people online report successfully removing warts in one to two weeks using this method.

      Where to Buy Castor Oil

      In order to remove your warts with castor oil, you need to know where to buy it. You can purchase castor oil at any local drug store or supermarket. It is normally used as laxative, so it’s very common and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

      What Band-Aids to Use

      If you plan to go down the band-aid route, be aware that some bandages work better than others. You definitely want to purchase band-aids that are waterproof. Since you’ll be putting wet castor oil on the inside pad, get ones that look like they’ll hold up well to that. The woven fabric types don’t seem to work as well as the thicker, flexible plastic ones.

      Even if you have several warts, once you get started removing them with castor oil, they’ll all be gone in no time!