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Many people will have noticed that they have patches of bright clean white, as well as dirty yellow on their teeth. It's strange isn't it? I was at first confused by how some parts could be whiter and look like little blotches. I thought for a while that this was a good sign.

However, blotchy teeth is often a sign of FLOUROSIS - fluorosis develops during the first 4-5 years of childhoold, and usually happens when you lack certain vitamins and minerals, in particular, calcium.

Blotchy teeth is also a sign that the enamel on your teeth is becoming weaker and more transparent as you age. This makes your teeth look yellower than normal and are prone to stains from simple foods such as tea and biscuits. This is because the pores on your teeth allow more 'stains' through and penetrate onto the surface of your teeth.GC tooth mousse

To get rid of this, or improve the look of blotchy teeth, I HIGHLY recommend tooth mousse!

Tooth mousse is a fairly recent formula made of milk protein (Casein) and is not largely advertised on the market. It was recommended to me by my dentist however, and I was absolutely shocked at how little people used this product.

How do you use tooth mousse? How does tooth mousse work?

It's best if you forget the instructions on the packet and just do what my dentist said; which is to leave the paste on your teeth overnight.

It actually taste's nice and is supposed to make you salivate
It gets rid of white blotchy spots in a week
It makes your teeth look cleaner and whiter
It actually WORKS.
It strengthens your enamel and prevents stains
Some dentists have claimed it will help regrow enamel, although I'm a bit skeptical about that!

Slightly expensive, but no more expensive than your usual teeth whitening products.
Having to leave it in your mouth overnight sounds icky and you can wake up with white crusty bits around your lips, but it's worth every second!

tooth mousseThe science behind Tooth Mousse;
I'm no chemical expert, but I know the basics of how tooth mousse works.
Acid in your mouth means your teeth suffer more wear and tear. If you use tooth mousse, the pH of your saliva will become more alkaline and thus prevent teeth erosion. This is also useful if you suffer from lack of saliva problems.

Furthermore, it strengthens the tooth enamel by penetrating through the surface within the first 3 minutes of application. The new Casein milk protein helps restrengthen the enamel making it harder for it to be worn away.

After a few weeks of using Tooth mousse, your teeth will look whiter.

1) The surface of your teeth is smoother, and reflects more light which means a brighter smile.

2) The blotchiness will be significantly reduced

3) You will have less stains on your teeth after drinking tea or coffee.

Like I said, this was recommended by a dentist who gives it out to patients with fluorosis. However it seems to work even better than teeth whitening products, and is probably better for you in the long run.

So far, only old people seem to use this product to stop the acid in their mouth destroying their weak teeth.

Here is a link to the product I use: http://www.orthostore.co.uk/gc-tooth-mousse-130-p.asp

GC tooth mousseGC TOOTH MOUSSE - my life saviour. I will post before and after pictures if anyone is interested! Just drop me a comment... I'm a little shy of my teeth because they are a little misarranged!

I really liked the melon flavour ones. Trust me when I say this, ALL of them taste good! They may look like medical creams but they're supposed to make you salivate more, it's good for the teeth.