Just like everyone else, acne is one of those aspects of life. It is not anything anyone wants. It looks bad and changes a person's appearance and look to that of a negative. Acne is one of those skin conditions that can be caused and seen all over the body, however in particular the face and face area, which is where it is the most seen by others. When a person has acne or pimples, most will usually get it on their face more than other parts of the body. This is because the face area in vulnerable.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is caused by a number of reasons and factors, from the food we eat to environmental factors such as dust, to the things we wear or use. People who are going through a number of hormonal changes, whether it be from puberty, or pregnancy, to drugs can experience moderate to severe acne conditions which are very noticeable. Stress is a factor as well, it has been linked to also cause acne. Same goes for the chemicals you use to wash your face, so be careful.

If you put skin care on your face or use anti wrinkle creams, they also might be playing a role in the development of your acne symptoms, especially if they are chemical based. The rule here is to natural as much as possible. A common chemical skin reaction is acne.

Here are 6 tips to Help Remove Your Acne:

1. Water is one of the most healing substances on the planet. By drinking not only will it help the body remove and clear out toxins, but will also help the skin, the mind and the body. Water will also keep the liver and kidneys flushed, freeing the body of bad toxins (such as free radicals), which will effect the skin in a good way and promote a healthier body. Water is essential in removing acne fast. I recommend anyone to drink at least 2 liters a day for the added benefit.

2. Use natural products to wash the face. Many types of acne are formed by chemicals which are ingredients in nasty skin care and hair care. To some people they may not effect to to those that have sensitive (acne sufferer) then these chemicals will create a reaction, thus producing acne. Clean your skin instead with natural based skin care products such as a good emu oil moisturizer.

3.Eating well on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and making sure your getting your daily vitamins and nutrients is essential. If you do eat well but are unsure why you still have acne, then maybe consider taking a good multi-vitamin for the vitamins the body may be missing.

A diet rich in Vitamins and minerals is a good booster for any immune system and the body including the skin. It will help clear the body of toxins, that otherwise the body may of found difficult to remove and thus causing acne.

4. Consider going to a Allergy specialist. They can possible pin point emu oil and acneyour acne being caused by a food or a part of the environment. That way you can learn what can start a break out and avoid it as best as possible. Allergy's are a part of life, everyone gets them. They are a natural body defense. Find out if you have any and then avoid those things.

5. Consider eating lot's of food that contains natural skin defense vitamins such as those high in zinc which has been related to helping the skin and reducing acne.

6. Alternative medicines such as Coconut Oil or Emu Oil have been very helpful in many types of skin conditions relating to acne and pimples.

The Best Treatment for Acne is a Natural Treatment

Overall the best defense with getting and removing acne naturally is to look at what could be causing it. Is it your diet, is it a allergy, is it pollution? A number of these factors could be at play. Finding out and changing your lifestyle is the best choice.

It is so easy to reach for the chemical brands out there on the market, however one must remember these drugs or chemicals are just quick fixes and not the solution to your skin problem.