A coffee-stain on carpet looks awful. The lighter the color of your carpeting, the worse it looks. Accidents happen and they always seem to happen when you, a friend or a family member spills something that is seemingly difficult to remove from your rugs or carpet like coffee. Whether you, your dog, your child or someone else spilled an entire cup of coffee or a few drops on your carpet, you can remove it with something you probably already have in the house.


Blot up as much of the coffee as possible. Use a thick layer of white-paper towels or a white rag. Press on them or step on them to soak up the coffee. Use only white-paper towels or white rags because colored or printed paper towels may transfer the dyes to your carpet.


If the coffee spill has already dried into a coffee-stain, wet the stain with club soda. Blot up the club soda with white-paper towels or a white rag. The club soda may lift a little of it, but basically you want the stain to be damp at this point so don't expect the club soda to remove it.


Apply white foam shaving-cream to it on your carpet.


Use a clean, dry white rag. Begin working the shaving-cream in at the outer edge of it and work towards the middle of the stain. Do not rub the stain out towards the edges, this will cause the stain to spread. Do not use paper towels because they are not strong enough and will shred.


Continue to add shaving-cream and work it into the carpeting until it disappears.


When the carpet dries , if you notice there is still some of it remaining, work more shaving-cream into the stain. Always begin at the outer edge.


Test the carpet for colorfastness in a small inconspicuous area before trying this method.


Plain, inexpensive shaving-cream is fine for this job, no need for an expensive brand.


Use only a white foam shaving-cream to remove coffee-stain from carpet, do not use the gel type because it will not work.


Using white foam shaving-cream really does work to remove old or new coffee-stains from carpets, no need to hire a professional carpet cleaner or to rent a carpet cleaning machine. All you need is shaving-cream, rags or paper towels to remove coffee-stain from carpet.