Various conditions merge into the general descriptor which is stupidity. By far the most under-discussed, due mostly to the reason those that maintain this type of "human obtuseness" do so through no fault of their own is called retardation. And even though the brunt of pranks and insults has involved such types of men and women, in these modern times is it very politically improper to target such people. Effectively, also, the dialogue is somewhat moot since it is not a sociological or psychological decision tree which directs to such "absurdity", but instead a bodily restriction that is not their own fault.

No, the discussion of stupidity more often than not surrounds people that are able to consider and decide precisely how and what to think. It consists of communities of people, religions, and individuals as well, from men to women, children to adults, and a surplus of various men and women who are patrons of an equally uncommon group.

What exactly is the full range of stupidity, and why specifically is it such an abundant subject to discuss? Well, the main reason many people have a tendency to talk about it is to vent some form of annoyance concerning another person's apparent ignorance impacting them detrimentally. This could be in the manifestation of somebody driving slow in the left lane while being expected to be aware the left lane is designed for overtaking.

Remaining unaware of how one impacts the individuals around them can be one of the most potent topics of conversation, as it makes people crazy. Lack of consideration from those in a theatre, for instance, kicking the backseat of a person else's chair - most people simply cannot fathom how it is thinkable to do this and not be fully aware of one's actions. Even so, if the past has shown us anything at all, it is that stupid people doing stupid activities never ceases to bewilder those who are wronged by that stupidity.

How is it feasible that so many countless people absolutely trust, donate and select openly corrupt people in politics? Is it egocentricity or a lazy mindset? The degree of mankind's stupidity being a real obstacle signifies that it could be an evolutionary journey to rid our kind of such traits. What this means is that by having a universal empathy, by which we strive to the best of our ability to use our energies, brains and knowledge to gain awareness to understand both ourselves and the world surrounding us.

Once we do this, our understanding of individuals close to us would become much less limited, more powerful, and our ability to share, help out, safeguard and be less apathetic for our unimportant desires towards every person near us. This would not merely be rewarding for mankind, but virtually all creatures that we share our planet with. Ignorance, at its root level, has a tendency to take the pattern of being opportunistically unaware of how our wishes may detrimentally impinge on another person - at least that is the topic area of debate on stupidity that seems to be by far the most relevant and notable to most individuals.

It can be as simple as pausing and asking oneself 'how will this woman be affected if I do this?'. In taking a little bit more time and exercising a little bit more awareness, we can make the entire world a greater place.