Looking for a good flea killer to help remove dog fleas? This article will help demonstrate how to kill fleas, and get rid of fleas for good. I had fleas on my dog a few years back. Fleas can cause serious health concerns for your dog, or cat. Getting rid of fleas can be difficult as well. Finding the right flea treatment, and proper cleaning of your house can help get rid of fleas for good.

Fleas are little insects, or ticks, that feed on the blood of animals. Humans can get fleas as well, but if you have a pet, they'll prefer to live on an animal instead. It's understandable how pets can attract fleas. They're outside a lot, and they might have gotten it from another pet. Flea bites can appear anywhere on the body, and can really cause severe pain for a dog, or cat. When dog fleas have entered, they'll stay in your house, yard, or typical places where your dog is at.

Home treatments can help treat fleas, but you should still take your pet to a vet. Fleas are very small, and hard to see. You can apply some white paper underneath your dog. Take a comb, and run it through their fur. Dead fleas should fall off, and they'll look like black pepper. Fleas symptoms revolve in itching, red rashes, and bleeding. Pets will constantly itch, and be in discomfort.

First thing you'll want to do is give you dog or cat a bath. A oatmeal shampoo will help your pet. Oatmeal will help with itching of the skin. Oatmeal won't kill the fleas, but it will help with itchy skin. Then buy some apple cider vinegar. Rub deep into your dog's coat, and skin. Wash with warm water. Fleas do not like vinegar at all. Vinegar is a great flea killer remedy to use.

Next you'll want to make sure there's no larvae eggs left in the house. You'll want to kill the fleas, and any larvae eggs in your house. A good and thorough clean of your house is needed. Buy a good flea spray at a health store. Vacuum your rugs. A good home remedy is using baking soda, added with salt. Baking soda helps kill fleas. Use borax to clean your dog's beds, and places where they typically operated.

Clean bed cheats, couches, and any areas your dog has been. Sometimes fleas could have gotten into your yard. A stray dog, or animal might have gotten into your yard, and that is how your pet got fleas. You might want to buy a flea bomb for your yard. Don't allow pets back there for at least 12 hours, or more if you use a flea bomb.

You should take your pet to the vets, and let them be examine by your vet. Prescribed flea medicine might be needed. They'll need to examine them to make sure your dog didn't develop an infection as well. Fleas suck on blood, so your pet will need a vet examination.

If you can't get rid of the fleas, then call an exterminator. An exterminator will have the right equipment to get rid of fleas from your house, or yard. Keep kids, pets, and people out of the house according to the exterminator's orders for specific time frame.