You have been saving for a while just to add some fashion to your wardrobe with that expensive leather jacket you saw at the mall. No sooner have you marveled in the joy of the freshness of a new fashion than an ink stain sets in, cutting short your joy. So what do you do? Do you start from scratch, saving again for another jacket?

Ink stains can be very annoying to your cloth washing, especially on leather fabrics. Different people will recommend different ways in dealing with the stains, but always remember before anything else that with stains, a stitch in time saves nine. The earlier you attack the stain, the better for you. Green stains are mush easier to clean and remove than those that have stayed for long.

Before proceeding to remove ink on delicate, colored material like leather jackets, it is always advisable to perform a spot test first. This is always meant to ensure that you do not discolor your cloth while removing the stain. For the leather jacket, you can use a little alcohol and apply it to an inconspicuous location, and wait for 10 minutes. If it doesn't discolor it, then proceed and remove the stain.

The first option to use in removing ink stains on leather jacket is to use nail polish remover and hot water. You will also need a sponge, some cotton balls and a dry towel or piece of cloth. Start by dampening the sponge with the hot water. Do not drench it. Use the dampened sponge to scrub off the ink stain for approximately one minute. Then take the dry towel and use it to dry any moisture left on your jacket.

Apply a reasonable amount of nail polish remover to the cotton ball. Use this to scrub the stained area gently, until the stain begins to disappear slowly. The interval between the drying of excess moisture and scrubbing with the nail polish remover should be very minimal to avoid the stain cooling again. After that, remove any excess amount of nail polish remover that is left on your jacket and then wash it normally.

At times, after the above processes, there might still be traces of the stain left on the jacket. All you have to do is simply repeat the steps until the stain is gone.

The other option is to use isopropyl rubbing alcohol together with a leather conditioner. Soak the cotton ball in alcohol and use it to rub the ink stain. This should remove the stain. But to remove the smell on your jacket that is brought about by the alcohol, and to restore moisture and shine, use the leather conditioner.

If your leather jacket is white, use hairspray, rubbing alcohol and a white eraser. First, apply the hairspray and let it sit for approximately half an hour, and then apply a warm and wet rag. Scrub gently using the white eraser to remove any remaining ink. The rubbing alcohol is an alternative measure should the hairspray fail to have an effect on the stain.