There are several reasons why you may wish to remove an image from Google's search results.

The most common is because of a privacy concern or copyright violation. Google does accept photo direct removal requests via it's DMCA copyright form but for most other reasons, you will need to contact the original website and ask them to do one of the following:

  1. Take the image/photo off the website and to return a 404 error
  2. Instruct Google not to index the image by way of a robots.txt directive on the site

Getting a 404 is usually the easiest to achieve as most site owners will be familiar with removing content. You do not want the site owner to remove the photo but to set up a redirect or replace it with another photo. You need a straight 404 error (I am sure you have seen this errors in the past)

The Next Step

The next step is to either wait for Google's automated software to update the search results naturally. If you want to expedite the removal process then Google has a removal tool.

The Removal Tool

This tool itself is quite simple to use but usually involves contacting the original web site and getting them to correctly remove the image. Failure to do this correctly will most likely result in a denial.

The tool is automated and manual intervention is rare - usually to check for and prevent abuse of the tool.

Another option is to request Google remove an adult image that appears in the Safesearch filtered results. This will not affect the unfiltered results though.

Copyright Take-Down Request

As I mentioned earlier, if someone has stolen your copyright photo or image and is displaying it on their website then chances are it will appear in Google. You can fill in a form and ask Google to remove the thumbnail from the image search and also from the main results. 

You first need to make sure that you own the copyright to the photo and have not granted re-use rights to anyone else in the past.

If you can clearly explain where the copyright material is located and also give an example of your original work, then Google will usually remove the offending material quite quickly.

The defendant will have the opportunity to file a counter notice.

Your request will also appear on a third party website and a link will appear to it in the search results. This form does not affect Bing, Yahoo or any other search provider.