Going through acne is bad enough, but having remaining pitted acne scars tops the list of downers. Pitted acne scars are often left over from acne, particularly if the person experienced a severe case. These holes, or "pitts" are the remnants of the left over pimple, leaving the trough behind.

Acne scar reduction is a possibility when it comes to getting these scars off the face. There are many types of treatments for pitted acne marks based on what type of scar it is. Ice pick scars are deep depressions of the skin. Boxcar scars have a flat shape to the pit. Rolling scars look like the skin has been scraped out. Unfortunately ice pick scars are the hardest to remove, there are options however.

Not all of the acne scar removal methods can guarantee a scar free face- instead they are known as being very effective and can reduce the appearance of acne scars significantly.

Dermabrasion is one type of method to remove acne scars. This process is done by removing the top layers of the skin with a high speed brush. This procedure is conducted in a dermatologist or at a plastic surgeon office. Dermabrasion works best on acne scars that are not very deep. Take note that dermabrasion is known to work best on people who have very dark skin, or very light skin. People with medium skin color may run the risk of having pigmentation effects, such as darkening of the skin.

Perhaps the most popular method acne scar removal is through laser treatments. A laser beam is used to burn the top layer of the skin allowing the new skin to be revealed- similar in effect as a chemical peel. Many dermatologists opt for using laser because there is no risk to altering the pigmentation and they have better control of the depth of the laser when treated.

Pitted acne scars seriously deserve some attention. Removing acne scars can go a long way to help someone's self-esteem and no person deserves to walk around with embarrassing marks on their face. Locating a reputable doctor in your area can easily be done online. Unfortunately the acne scar treatments are expensive and often not covered by insurance as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. Overall, the benefits acne scar reduction treatments tend to outweigh the risks.