Last summer, I had one plantar wart. Over the course of the season, I developed 12 of them. I tried everything I could to get rid of them. Here's whatI found out doesn't work!


Salycic Acid

I first tried Salycic Acid with the hopes that it would be the simplest and most pain-free way of removing them. Simply put, it didn't work, and here's why: Your foot is constantly devloping calluses. Everytime I applied the acid and it got deeper through my skin to penetrate the wart, more calluses arrived fighting it. It was an endless cycle and didn't accomplish anything but allow my warts spread.

Salycic Acid

Banana Peel And Duct Tape

I read online that the potassium in a banana peel is enough to overtime to dissolve the wart in your foot. I tried this for about a week and it was gross. I read online that you are to put the inside of the banana peel up against the wart and duct tape it down so no air can reach it. So pretty much for a week I stepped into a banana peel that gushed all over my foot and it was not successful. I simply can not recommend this.


Freezing The Warts Away

I then tried what I dreaded most: Freezing my warts off. I knew this would be painful, but I thought it would at least be succesful. They sell freezing kits at any convenience store for a relatively inexpensive price. The kit I bought came with a thick qtip that I was to dip for a few seconds in liquid nitrogen. When I removed the qtip it was so cold that it was smoking, but at this point it was too late to turn back and I quickly put it on the wart. Not only did it hurt initially, but it created terrible blister on my foot for 2 weeks which made walking very painful. Unfortunately, this was also unsuccessful.

Freezing Warts

What Actually Worked!

So finally, I gave in and decided to see a foot doctor in my area. He examined my foot and prescribed to me a treatment for this gel that was actually used for skin cancer (since warts are actually a form of cancer). Not only did this not hurt at all, but it removed all 12 of my warts in a month. I was so worried that at this point I would need surgery, but there was a cure after all! So my advice: If you have a plantar wart, just see a doctor and get it taken care of.