Anyone who has been in a game store knows that stores just love to plaster stickers and tags all over everything. You also probably know that they are often hard to remove and leave sticky residue on the game. My personal favorite is when they decide to plant a sticker on the game's label and cover up half the title.
Price sticker over label

I'm going to show you how to remove these pesky stickers, but since I don't really want to see Hulk Hogan's face right now, we'll go back to Super Spike V'Ball for this tutorial.

Super Spike VBall

Ah, Super Spike V'Ball! As you can see, they put two stickers on this one just to be sure that people with severe tunnel vision can still tell that it's $1.99. We'll start with the sticker on the game label. If we were to try and peel off the sticker now, it would most likely tear the label, so we'll have to think of something else.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft plastic scraper

  • Hair dryer

  • Goo Gone or similar product

  • Soft cotton cloth

Step 1

Get out your hair dryer and set it on high. Point the dryer directly at the sticker and blast it for thirty seconds or so. This will make the sticker's adhesive gooey and weaken its bond with the label.
Blast it with hair dryer

Step 2

Now take your plastic scraper and start scraping off the sticker from the middle of the label out. Try to wedge the scraper underneath the sticker. Use a soft plastic scraper or your thumbnail if you have to. Don't use a stiff plastic scraper, ice scraper, or razor blade.
Scape Label

You should feel very little resistance as you push under the sticker. If it starts to become more difficult, then the adhesive has cooled back down, and you need to reheat it for 15-20 seconds. Sometimes you'll have to stop, reheat, and start again several times to get the sticker off. Don't get too cocky and try to do it all in one go, or you'll end up tearing the label.

Scape Label 2

Use as shallow an angle as you can comfortably use, and work around the edges as well, pushing wherever you find the least resistance. If you try to do it all from one angle, it will tear.

A clean removal
Look at that! No tears or goo either. Now for the sticker on the plastic.

Step 3

This one is pretty easy and straightforward. Just scrape off the sticker with your scraper; you don't need to worry so much about being all that careful.

Side sticker

Step 4

Once you've got the sticker off, it probably left some residue on the plastic. If you don't clean off the residue, it can stick inside your NES or bring in dirt. Get a piece of cloth, dab some Goo Gone on it and wipe down the sticky area.

Wipe with goo gone

After the gunk is pretty much gone, use a dry cloth to wipe it clean.

So that's about all it takes to remove price stickers and tags from your games. Don't be afraid to tackle those pesky label stickers either! This also works on DVD cases, but you have to be more careful with the scraper and use a lower heat setting.

Clean and sticker free

Tips & Warnings

Do not use razor blades or ice scrapers; they will ruin the label and scratch the plastic.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use Goo Gone on the game label. At best it will leave an oily stain, and at worst it will completely destroy it.

Be patient, this takes a bit of finesse to do properly.