When singing in a karaoke bar or using a karaoke machine, you don’t want the vocals to be heard from the music since you’re the one doing the singing.  The whole purpose of singing along is to hear your own voice instead of the person who originally sung the song.  Will you sound as good?  Not at all, but it’s definitely fun and worth giving it a try if you’ve never done it.  There are various methods to remove the vocals from the songs that you want to sing, but it can get complicated and confusing if you’re not sure how to do it, which is why you’re about to learn how to do it.

Easiest Method to get Vocal Free Tracks

One of the ways to remove vocals from a standard song track is using Multiplex CDGs.  These are special CD’s that have the track recorded on them but it’s done in such a way that you can remove the vocals from the song easily.  Typically they come with eight songs per disc and each track has the lead singer’s voice on it.  You can either remove the voice using the balance control or the Auto Voice Control on your karaoke machine or the disc will already have a separate track that doesn’t have the vocals on the music.  So you will have one song with vocals, another without vocals and they should be clearly labeled to differentiate between the two.

Vocal Removal Software

There’s lots of software that can also do the job in case you don’t have a Multiplex CDG.  If you use Winamp, you can get the AnalogX Vocal Remover plug-in.  This will take the tracks from the media player and then go to Options > Preferences > DSP/Effect and control how much audio you want to process.

Another piece of software you can try is Vogone Advanced Vocal Eliminator.  You can use it to remove the vocals from a single MP3 track or an entire CD.  It does a good job, its user friendly so it’s not hard to figure out, and has a bar to control the audio processing.  You can save the music that you edited.  It simply changes your focus from removing the vocals to preserving the music while you eliminate the vocals.

Wavosaur is an audio editor that can be used to get those pesky vocals off your music.  All you do is import your music into the software and hit the Vocal Removal tool button and wait for your new vocal-less music to be completed.  There is a drawback though depending on your music.  If the track you feed the software isn’t great quality or it’s very compressed (small file size) or the type of music then it may come out not the way you want it.  The best thing to do is always use high quality sounding tracks.

These are not the only methods to remove vocals but they are a great start.  Try any of these four methods and you’ll be on your way to a singing karaoke!