Managing School Data

RenWeb is a school management software and database that is primarily used by K-12 private schools. The main function of RenWeb is to allow teachers to communicate information about grades, class schedules, homework, billing for tuition and fees, announcements, and contact information. It also serves as a database for teachers and staff.

I work as an accountant for a private school and I have used the RenWeb software for one year. The most basic functions of RenWeb are useful. It does serve its purpose as a school database. Also, it captures family information automatically when they enroll so that the school does not have to enter this data into the system. We have used this software to effectively communicate announcements and schedules through our "school site" on which specific information about grades, announcements, and billing can be accessed by the parents. Our teachers and staff can also easily send out emails to parents and students. The staff at RenWeb are typically very helpful too. However, if you plan to use RenWeb for anything other than its basic communication functions you will be disappointed.

From an accounting standpoint the billing through RenWeb is a nightmare. It does not integrate well with any other software. Currently, it does not even have the ability to integrate with its parent company FACTS (a tuition collection software.) The only thing that RenWeb is good at accounting for is enrollment fees and lunch charges. You can create other charges with RenWeb but I would advise not to. If you are going to do any billing or invoicing for tuition or other fees I would suggest to use another program entirely. Our school is currently making changes to our billing and accounting process. Although we have not made the transition yet, I highly recommend BlackBaud for school bookkeeping. 

RenWeb's "value added" products such as their Donor Connect module are very weak compared to other products. I have had trouble with the data being duplicated and causing errors on reports.

The general feedback I get about RenWeb from both the teachers and parents I work with is negative. The interface is very plain. It looks like they have not updated it in a decade. It is not very user friendly. It is very poor at doing anything useful from the data it collects (which is the whole point of a database.) So my general synopsis is that if your school is considering using this software please find another tool for your database needs.

Some of the best alternatives that we have considered using at our school are Senior Systems and BlackBaud.