My Sample Society box this month included REN’s Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask. Definitely Review worthy. I’ve used other peel products at home before, my favorite lately has been Philosophy’s “the micro delivery mini peel pads”. Both of these treatments are gentle and don’t cause irritation. I like being able to walk around the same day without my skin looking inflamed. Both of these peel products are great for that but there is a new favorite in town!

REN’s acid peel was as close to a spa facial as you can get at home without irritation. This peel goes on for 10 minutes once a week. It was gentle enough that I’d use it more often than that. If you want the beauty benefits of a mid level peel but don’t want to deal with skin irritation, look to this facial treatment. It won’t deliver the same results, but it this is a close as you can get without having a few recovery days. This acid peel was gentle, smelled like a tangerine and did not irritate my sensitive skin whatsoever.

 It is a superficial peel, and uses several of the widely known peel ingredients like lactic and citric acid, also one I’d never heard of; papain. I searched some peer-reviewed journals and came up with no answers. Of course Wikipedia had a thorough article about it. It is a small protein that breaks down peptide bonds. Papain is used in meat tenderizers. If it is good enough for my food, it is good enough for my face! ;)

After I took it off my skin was so smooth and soft. I kept rinsing my skin because I felt like it had something on it still, then I realized it was just that smooth! My pores looked cleaner and were less noticeable. Peels like this work by removing the top layer of dead skin cells to promote cell turnover and I’m sure this one did just that!

I’m 26. My mother is 49, so I asked her to give this peel a try also, just to make this review more applicable to more people. She liked the peel almost as much as I did. Neither of us looked like we had a miracle face treatment but our skin did look obviously better. She thought her complexion looked better and that her face was really clean. I thought her skin tone was more even, and brighter. This product claims to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles; I did notice this a little on myself, although when the difference is small, it could be wishful thinking.

I give REN’s Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask an “A” rating because it makes good on its claims. You can find it online for about $55 bucks.

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