Renewable Energy Definition: Making It Real Easy To Understand

If you've come to this article then you're looking for a renewable energy definition. Not only that, but you're probably looking for a really simple renewable energy definition. You've come to the right place.

Renewable energy basically means one thing: it's a form of energy that is infinite in supply and that we have unlimited access to. Renewable energy is not fossil fuels because fossil fuels like coal are limited in supply. We can only use coal for so long until we run out of it. Alternatively, renewable energy like wind will always exist. Renewable energy is forever. The wind will continue to exist for as long as the sun shines. In other words, for as long as humans will walk this earth, wind will exist and we will be able to use it for energy to sustain us.

Other examples of renewable energy to help give you an idea of what it is is solar energy, hydroelectric energy(water), geothermal energy(energy from the earth), ocean energy, etc...

These are all sources of energy that are unlimited and pretty much infinite. We'll never run out of these things.

The definition is still not complete because there are still a few more details about renewable energy that I haven't covered.

First things first: Renewable energy can also be defined as clean green energy. The reason for this is because renewable energy does not create any pollution. It's the opposite of nuclear energy or fossil fuels energy because nuclear energy and fossil fuels energy create pollution which is really bad for the environment, our planet, and the health of humans, animals and plants.

Now, as you can tell, I'm pretty biased about renewable energy. I'm a huge fan of it. Why? Because it just makes more sense to transition to a society that uses more of these clean green renewable energies than what we are currently using.

Why don't we use more clean green renewable energy? I think the main reason is economical. You see, our cleen green renewable energy technology is still not advanced enough to compete with the cost of fossil fuel energy. It's still a lot cheaper to make energy out of coal for example than it is to make energy from sunlight. And at the end of the day, businesses still care more about their bottom line(their profits) than they care about the health of our planet and its inhabitants. It's sad to say but it's just reality.

We're making progress however so I haven't given up yet. It appears that the environmental movement is slowing down however because I haven't heard as much about the green movement lately as I used to. This is very sad. I hope the enthusiasm for a healthier planet doesn't completely die down... We need to talk about it more and start changing our world one little step at a time.

Like I said in another article about this topic, this green industry has huge potential for all of us. Ted Turner, the billionaire, said in an interview that he believes that the next Bill Gates will come from this industry... so get on board people and let's change the world! If you want to be rich, I encourage you to get into this business however you can and make it happen! There are no guarantees in business but if you want to make a profit and you want to make a difference at the same time, this business is where it's at.

Now that I have provided a simple definition for you, I highly recommend you further your education about this topic and learn how to get involved by continuing to read articles, books, magazines, newspapers relevant to this topic. The more you learn, the better positioned you'll be to ride this green wave to where you want to be.

Thanks for reading!