Renewable Energy For Kids: What Is It? Examples, And More!

In this article, I'll make renewable energy for kids real simple so everyone can understand it. The first thing I'll cover is what renewable energy is exactly. Then, I'll give  some tangible examples of renewable energy. Finally, if there is any time left, I'll share some more useful information about this topic with you.

Renewable Energy For Kids Question: What Is Renewable Energy?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it's only transformed from one kind of energy to another kind of energy. What does this mean to us? Basically, it means that all energy that we use comes from the earth. To power your computer, the energy you are using isn't something you get straight from the earth but that energy(the electricity) is produced using earth's resources like coal for example. Coal is often used in the production of electricity.

Coal is an example of a fossil fuel and basically what that means is that it is something that was created deep down under the earth back in the age of the dinosaurs.

There is one big problem though with using coal for the production of electricity. You see, we don't have an infinite amount of coal or fossil fuels to use deep down under the earth. There is only a limited amount of fossil fuels available for us to use. So in other words, once we use it all up, we won't be able to make electricity anymore! Also, another important thing about using coal and fossil fuels for the production of electricity is that it often creates a lot of pollution which is not good for our planet and it's really bad for our health too.

Renewable energy on the other hand is a kind of energy that we have unlimited access to. In other words, we'll never run out of renewable energy sources.

Some examples of renewable energy sources include things like wind, water, and sunshine.

Also, renewable energy doesn't pollute our environment and our planet like fossil fuels do.

 Renewable Energy Examples

Solar energy: Solar comes from Latin and it basically means sun. The sun is one of the best sources of energy Mother Nature has given us. Did you know that the energy that comes from the sunlight hitting the earth's surface for just 1 hour is powerful enough to meet our planet's energy needs for a whole year!?

Hydro energy: Hydro electric power uses dams and transforms water's kinetic energy into electricity that can be used to power just about anything. This is another great example of a clean green renewable energy. This is probably one of the oldest sources of renewable energy for us humans. The early stages of this technology first appeared well over 2000 years ago with the invention of water wheels. Today, our hydro electric dams are a lot more sophisticated of course and a lot more powerful too.

Wind energy: Wind is a great example of renewable energy because wind will continue to exist for as long as the sun shines. Wind power is used around the world to create electricity. It's cleaner than fossil fuels like coal and we'll never run out of it. Wind farms do not really create any air or water pollution whatsoever so it's a great option for humans.

Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy basically means "heat from the earth". It has some environmental and economical advantages over fossil fuels or nuclear energy. It's perfect for heating greenhouses for example. Another example would be to use geothermal energy to heat your driveway in the winter so ice doesn't form on it.

There are other important sources of course but these are my own personal favorites and they are more than enough to power all of earth when combined together.

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