With the ill effects brought upon by climate change and with the security measures now undertaken in order to address climate change, it is only but high time for people to consider other forms of energy production.  Renewable energy is the best solution nowadays so that greenhouse gases will not further plague our atmosphere.   Accordingly, the burning of fossil fuel and the use of coal-fired power plants are the biggest contributor of toxic gases in the atmosphere that aggravate global warming.  Because of this, it can be surmised that renewable energy use is not just an option in this global warming era, but it is the solution.

So, what is renewable energy? How can this contribute in living a healthy environment? Is such a thing really feasible in this stage wherein we are running out of natural resources?

Renewable energy is a form of energy source that make use of the natural resources. It is primarily geared towards energy sources that are environmentally friendly, focusing particularly on the concern of climate change. There are various kinds of renewable energy and it depends on what is feasible to use in relative to the availability of resources and the expertise of human resources in converting such energy deposit into a commercially usable energy.

Various Renewable Energy

Solar Energy. Solar energy makes use of sunlight in order to produce energy out from it.  Accordingly, solar energy is one of the most innovative and efficient sources of energy since we will never run out of sunlight.  It takes, though, expertise and knowledge in converting sunlight into a usable energy for consumption.  There are many sectors nowadays that actually make use of solar energy.  Aside that solar energy is a cheap form of energy production and consumption, solar energy is definitely an environmentally friendly.

Wind Energy.  Just like solar energy, wind energy is an environmentally friendly energy production and consumption. Instead of sunlight, this one makes use of the wind as energy source. Windmills are needed in order for energy to be produced out from the wind. Such depends, however, on the wind speed that the location usually has.  Accordingly, a 10m/hr wind velocity can produce around 50-watt of energy.  The spinning of the windmill blades generate the energy.

Geothermal Energy  Another energy source that makes use of the natural resources is the geothermal kind of energy production. Geothermal refers to the heat produced by the earth’s surface which, in effect, brings out steam needed for the steam turbine to function for it produce energy. Such a thing is very feasible to areas that have active volcanic activities underneath the earth wherein there is presence of too much heat. 

Hydroelectricity. From the word “hydro,” this form of energy source makes use of water currents in order to produce electricity or energy. The force produced from the strong currents of water enable for the water turbine to run; thus, producing energy out from it. Hydroelectricity is widely practiced in areas that have strong water current such as the presence of waterfalls, water dams, and rivers that have strong currents.