Remember getting married initially? Feeling like a headless chicken and sleep deprived? Scarcely taking note of your surroundings? Whether it is your second marriage, or your second commitment to the same lady or gentleman, take joy from the fact that your nuptials can be even better the second time around. Try some of these tips:

History doesn't have to repeat itself. For you this is a sort of repeat, which means you have experience. Hopefully you gained some insights. For example your own needs and requirements in a mate. Or how much effort a relationship truly requires. Use that additional experience to your benefit to help you make the big day special with everything you've always dreamed about.

This time around consider mainly what you want. If you eloped the first time or had a financially outrageous original nuptial but you weren't too pleased with either, take this as an opportunity to create the wedding you really crave. Choose as a couple what you want this wedding to encompass. And don't let people or work make you compromise time or place.

Be playful with your vows. If you have enjoyed couplehood for a while and are renewing your commitment as an honor to your marriage, then throw away all of that usual stuff and make your vows individual and as special as you.

To invite or not to invite. Leave out great-aunt Betty who you barely ever talk to, unless she is close to you and you need her to be present. For this do-over create a wedding that is comprised of those that are near and dear to you. If you've previously had the extravagant wedding ceremony thing, consider going on a trip to renew your vows, as a couple only. It will be more memorable and more romantic that way.

No matter what you choose to do, remember that although celebrating marriage is an important thing, renewing your vows is also important. Let your renewed vows be a revitalization of your love for one another and a reason to take note of the fact that you were lucky enough to share a once-in-a-lifetime moment not once, but twice.