Every property require maintenance in order to save its good condition. It should be repainted , cleaned and sometimes even remodeled . Postponing the renovation actions you should do in your home may have serious consequences not only for the property itself, but also for you and the people you leave with. Your living area have a great impact on your general vision and mood. If you live in a messy, dirty and old property, you should try refreshing it as soon as possible before you become a dirty and lethargic person who is lacking any motivation and self- improvement desire. 

Unfortunately, there are certain moments when you can't do that even if you want to. In most of the cases you will need a particular amount of money you don't have on disposal. What should you do when you can't afford the luxury of refreshing your home ?

Seek for alternatives. The truth is that you may renovate the general look of the place you live in without spending a lot of money. You only have to determine what are the small things which will manage to add different feeling to your space.

Art Pillows

Even if you don't have the money for new sofa cover , you still can make your couch look better, even luxury. Place several small pillows at each corner of your sofa. You may either purchase them from the nearest home interior shop or make them yourself. If you want to release your art ability , take several white pillow cases. Lay them flat. Take a 6b or 7b pencil and delineate the figures you want to see on your pillows. Take a set of garment paintings and color your piece of art . Allow the covers to dry completely before putting them on the pillows. After that apply a tin layer of hairspray to seal up the color and prevent eventual stains on your clothes, coming from the covers.


Do you want to have one of those beautiful lace lamp shades in your living room ? Well, you can certainly make that happen without spending money in the local furniture and interior items supermarket. Instead, you can make it yourself at home. The process won't take a lot of your time and certainly will worth the invested effort . What you should do ?

First of all you have to collect the necessary materials. In this case you will need wallpaper glue or a mixture of equal amounts of water and flour, one balloon and an old lace tablecloth. If you don't have one on hand, you may use several lace piece taken from different old garments you don't wear anymore. When you have everything on hand you may start with the action.

Swell the balloon and tie a knot on its end. Moisten the lace parts with the adhesive on them and place the parts evenly so the whole balloon surface gets wrapped. Once you've done that leave the object to dry completely. When it hardens, the lace will form a thick shell that won't blend. After that take a needle and pop the balloon. Throw its parts away and just hand your beautiful new lamp shade on your lamp. Additionally, you can decorate the lace with brocade or attached small flower shaped items on it to achieve better look. 


If your walls really need to be repainted, but you don't have anywhere to stay while it dries or you can't afford a high quality paint , don't feel sorry for yourself. Instead , go to the nearest hardware store and ask the consultants if they provide latex paint. It dries faster and don't have the strong smell of the commercial paints. Still, it has great hiding power. Most of all , this alternative is a lot more cheaper . The average price of a bucket of latex paint is about 6 pounds per gallon.

Alternatively, you can simply cover the areas which need to be repainted the most with a collection of cute colorful frames. According to home maintenance experts the usual price of a set of frames is about 6 up to 8pound for 3 to 6 frames.