With so many DIY shows on TV, you can get overwhelmed with renovation ideas.

Where do you start? Do you repaint?. Or do you totally gut the place and start again?.

The easiest way to decide which renovation ideas you like, is to take a look at your bank account! No sense trying to create a champagne kitchen on a beer budget. But if you are just sick of your place the way it is, and can't wait until you have the money saved up, then start looking at renovation ideas that won't break the bank. Even if they are only going to last a few years until you can do the big renovation. But don't be surprised if you like your simple and cheaper ideas.

If it is the kitchen you are wanting to change, and just can't afford a complete remodel, then take smaller steps. You don't have to take a sledge hammer to your kitchen to make changes that will show. It is amazing what a simple can of paint can do!

If your cabinets are still on the wall and are secure, but are downright ugly, then consider painting them. Before you go UGHH! This can work well. It will take some elbow grease but can look good. One of the best products I have ever used as a base for cabinets is the ZINSSER line of primers. They are used quite often on smoke damaged walls and will cover and adhere to almost anything.


This creates a Great Barrier Between Old and New Paint

Clean Cabinets and Remove Hardware Before Primer

This way you do not need to be sanding your cabinets, but you do have to give them a good cleaning with a degreaser of some sort. Take the cabinet doors off their hinges, and after cleaning them and letting them dry, then put on a coat of zinsser primer, possibly two coats, and let it dry well. Once you have a good primer on the surface of your cabinets, then you can go ahead and paint with any paint you like. Latex or oil. I personally prefer latex, because of the smell.

Oil can be tougher but really stinks! There are also lots of choices in paints now, some with a low odor factor or none. Take your time and have a place in your home where you can lay these cabinet doors out to dry, where they won't be disturbed. Do the same to the cabinet frames. You will probably need to do at least 2 coats.

Add New Cabinet Hardware

Once really dry, then consider upgrading the hardware for your cabinet renovation. You now have a fresh color on the doors, so treat yourself to some new handles, draw pulls, or whatever you like.

Now put your cabinets back together with their new hardware, and your kitchen will already look brand new.

If you have the budget, you can upgrade your countertop. Laminate countertops are not that expensive, and get give your kitchen a whole new look, for not much money, or just finding a home for many of the things on your counter. Clearing away clutter can give your room a fresh look.

Sometimes just changing the backsplash can give your kitchen a just renovated look, or painting the kitchen walls a fresh new color, and changing the linens. New tea towels, instead of those raggedy ones you may have hanging, can change the mood of a kitchen right away.

Renovation ideas can be simple or complicated. But sometimes you will find that simple affordable ideas, can make a huge change to the look of a room, which in turn makes you feel better.

In any other room in your house, paint color on the walls, is the cheapest way to change the mood of a room. Once you have painted the walls, make sure and paint the trim as well. Then clear away clutter, and purchase or make some throw pillows or a couch throw in a similar color to the wall, this gives the room accessories that add to the mood.

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Paint Your Laminate Countertop

There are so many really cool products on the market now that can help you update your kitchen on that beer budget.  I came across the above product that will renew your counter top and create a durable surface.  This would be perfect if you don't want the expense of replacing it.

Sometimes just taking a old tired coffee table and using the primer suggested for painting cabinets in the kitchen, you can clean a coffee table, prime it, and then paint it. After you have painted it, it wouldn't hurt to put a couple of coats of varathane for protection. This alone can totally change the mood of a room, along with a new area rug.

Simple accessories can change a room, especially if in the same color theme. If you can afford any window coverings after changing the wall color, and a few accessories around the room, and you will look like you just renovated. If in a bedroom, wall color and/or a new bedspread can make a huge impact. Totally changes the room. In a bathroom, just changing the wall color and adding new linens. A set of fresh new towels and a painted wall, and clean away clutter makes a huge difference as well.

Renovation ideas, don't need to be big to create an impact. If you still feel you need to do something larger and extensive, then just make sure you are not pricing your home out of the market. You don't want to put way more into your house then you will get. Even though you may not plan to sell right now, plans can change. A new buyer may not want the extensive kitchen renovation you just put in. Especially if you are in a neighborhood of similar priced homes.

Keep a renovations ideas board. This is where you cut out magazine pictures and color swatches and attach them to a bulletin board or large bristol board. This way you can get color ideas and style ideas. By creating this board or scrap book, you will get to know your sense of style. Then you won't have any problems picking wall color and accessories.

But at the end of the day, your bank account really does get the last word, so respect it, and get creative and just do what you can afford with your renovation ideas.