Rent a camping tent or tent trailer to save money on your first camping adventure.

Camping with Kids






If you are new to camping, then you may want to rent a camping tent and other gear before investing in your own tent. This lets you decide if you like camping before making an investment that may end up collecting dust in the garage. Also, renting a tent or other outdoor gear can help save money for large groups, such as scout troop, when there are not enough tents for everyone. Outdoor gear rentals tend to be high end gear, at a reduced cost. Most options let you rent for increments of three to thirty days.

Tips for Renting Camping Gear

Before putting in your order for camping gear, you want to be sure you understand the process with the company and rules regarding the use of the gear. Once in your possession, you are responsible for the tent or any other camping gear you rent. Know what your financial responsibilities will be if the gear breaks or otherwise becomes damaged beyond what the company considers normal wear and tear. This is especially important if you are camping with kids who may not be as gentle with the camping gear.

Also, find out when the rental time frame starts and ends. Most do not include shipping time as part of the rental time. You can expect additional charges if you return the gear late. Returning the tent or other gear with mud, mold, or mildew may also result in damage fees and/or cleaning fees.

Where to Rent a Camping Tent

You have several options to rent a camping tent both online and at local outdoor gear stores. Where you intend to camp and where you live in relation to the rental company will probably be the determining factors in selecting where you choose to rent from. Depending on your plans, you may want to rent your gear before leaving on your trip or have it waiting for you when you get there.

Lower Gear Backpacking center is based in a brick and mortar store in Tempe, Arizona. Through its online business and its store, Lower Gear rents most of your basic camping gear including tents, bear canisters, GPS units, cooking gear, and backpacks. This gives you the option of having the gear shipped to a location you specify or picking it up in Tempe, AZ. You can rent your gear online, in the store, or by phone. Items are shipped to you and back at your expense. As of 2012, Lower Gear had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Mountain Side Gear Rental is an online camping gear rental company. Here you can rent most of your camping gear needs including tents as individual pieces or opt for a camping or backpacking kit. Camping kits include enough supplies for two, three, or four people for three, seven, or fourteen days. With a kit you’ll have most everything you need except the food. A perfect option if you have no supplies and don’t know what you will need. This takes the guess work out of camping for beginners.


Most experienced campers are regular shoppers at REI. But you can also rent your gear at REI locations. Although REI doesn’t offer online rentals, most of its stores do. Not every store rents all the camping gear necessities, but most do rent tents. You will need to call or stop by your local REI location to find out what that location offers in its rental department.

Rent a camping tent and other outdoor gear and you can save money and test out the gear to see if you want to purchase it for your next trip. If you want to camp in luxury on a budget, consider a tent trailer rental.