Are you interested in a rent to own program for a Macbook Pro laptop? If you're one of the many people looking to buy a Macbook Pro with a rental program, you probably want to know the best options available to you. Unfortunately for you, there aren't very many options available for renting. Many of the big rent to own centers like Rent-a-Center or Aaron's don't have Macbooks on their menu. Instead, if you're thinking about renting a Macbook, you'll have to look online at some 3rd party websites. But, if I were you, I would choose an alternative to these websites and go for traditional Macbook Pro financing.

The first place to check for a traditional laptop financing plan for an Apple laptop is Apple's website. At the Apple website store, you can choose to finance your Apple purchase with a credit card provided by Apple's partner, Barclaycard. If you decide to finance using Barclaycard, you can get a great deal on your laptop. First time customers using Barclaycard can get 12 months of same-as-cash financing for their Macbook (or any other Apple purchase above $900). This is great for people wanting to make monthly payments on their Apple laptop but don't want to pay any interest. As long as you pay off your purchase before the 12 months is up, it will be like you paid for the Macbook Pro with cash!

A great alternative to financing through Apple's website is choosing to use a credit card. There are many credit card companies like Capital One and Citi that have credit cards great for paying for laptops. With the Citi Platinum card, for example, you can get a competitively low interest rate. This can be particularly good if you're someone wanting computer financing for a period longer than 12 months. Under 12 months, definitely think about Barclaycard, over 12 months: choose an alternative like the Citi Platinum credit card. Over a long period of time, financing will be much cheaper with the Citi card due to interest rates.

After credit cards, think about financing your Macbook Pro through your bank. Your bank is a great place to go if you want to make monthly payments and don't want to pay high interest rates. Most banks have very competitive interest rates for their lines of credit (as easy to get as a credit card but easier to avoid impulse spending). Check with your bank or credit union to learn more.

In conclusion, while the idea of rent to own Macbook Pros is out the window, there are many other alternative ways to pay monthly that are very affordable.