If you want to purchase a pair of your own roller skates but don't want to spend the money for a brand new pair then consider buying a pair of rental skates.

Rental Skates Bearings

Rental Skates generally have a lower ABEC rated bearing. If you are a casual skater then this may not matter to you but you can easily and cheaply upgrade to a faster rolling bearings cheaply.

Indoor Rental Skates for Sale

Most of the rental skates for sale are designed to be used indoors at a skating rink but you can easily convert them for outdoor use.

Quality Roller Skates

Many times the best deals involve roller skates that have been rented out countless times to countless skaters at the roller skating rink. Many of these skaters are casual skaters or first time skaters. Generally the boot will be wrinkled and beat to heck but these used roller skates are very durable. You can in most cases refurbish these skates to your specs and desires.

Buying Rental Skates for Sale vs. Buying New

Roller skates that are designed to be rented out at roller skating rinks can be purchased for cheap online. It may be more beneficial to purchase brand new rental skates as opposed to buying a pair of well worn rental roller skates.

Where to buy Brand new Rental Skates

You can contact your local skating rink and many times they can order a pair of brand new rental roller skates for you at a price that will be cheaper then what you can buy them yourself online.

Purchasing rental roller skates online is one of the more popular ways. You can easily check with the major roller skating websites and see which ones sell rental roller skates brand new to individuals.

If you buy a pair of rental skates online and take them to your local roller skating rink then you NEED to check them in with the front desk when you enter the roller rink so they know that you own them. If you rental roller skates you purchased look identical to theirs they will think you are trying to steal them at the end of the night if you do not check them in when you first enter.

You can also easily make yours look different by buying a pair of colored shoe laces for them that are different from what the roller skating rink uses for their rental roller skates.

Rental Skates vs. Higher Quality Roller Skates

Most casual roller skaters will be more than happy with their own pair of roller skates. Rental roller skates are cheap to purchase and can easily last a lifetime if you only skate a few times per month. By owning your own pair of cheap rental skates you will not have to put you foot inside of a rental skate that has been used and sweated in by hundreds or even thousands of other people. The roller skate will also mold to fit you foot which will help make you a better roller skater as well as being safer to use.

If you become a roller skating enthusiast then you may decide and some point to upgrade your roller skates. You can either purchase a new pair of roller skates or you can upgrade the rental roller skates you have previously purchased. One of the most popular upgrades is simply to upgrade to a higher rated bearing. If you take a slow pair of rental roller skates and upgrade them to an ABEC-7 bearing or higher then you will definitely notice the difference as you fly around the roller skating rink as break neck speeds!