Getting a broken down car from point A to point B can be a tough job and if you have ever had to go through the experience you more than likely can understand the value of having access to a car dolly. For some folks towing a disabled vehicle is not really a big deal because of the equipment they own or have access to. If you are a construction contractor or farmer it's pretty likely you have trucks, trailers and other towing equipment you can arrange to use to get your unreliable vehicle back home.

For most people though things aren't quite so easy. If your car breaks down at some distance from home then it is probably more cost effective to have it picked up by a tow truck. On the other hand if you are still fairly far from home you may want to try and arrange to tow it home yourself so you can have your hometown auto mechanic get it back in order. This is where car dolly rentals come in handy.

As you probably know a top car dolly rental options is one of the many U-Haul locations scattered about the country. There are other companies that offer rentals of the same sort but you may have to rent a truck as well whereas U-Haul will allow you to use their dollies with your own equipment though it is supposed to meet certain specifications. There's also a possibility you can find a car tow dolly to rent from an independent rental location like a truck or trailer dealership. RV shops might be a good place to check as well since many motor-home owners tow their secondary vehicles behind their RVs.

Speaking of RVs, if you have one and plan to start towing your smaller backup vehicle behind it you may be interested in looking into some of the tow dolly purchase options out there. If you plan on using the car dolly extensively it will very likely be much cheaper in the long run to purchase a good, quality tow dolly than it would be to rent one whenever you need to haul your vehicle. Once again you can check local trailer and RV dealerships. eBay is also a good resource and you can find American made tow dollies for sale there for under one thousand dollars.

Every person's towing situation is slightly different so perhaps a car dolly isn't even the right towing option for you. Naturally there are plenty of other methods of moving your vehicle whether it is broken down or in perfect working condition. Car dollies are often a cheap easy way to haul your car but check out the other options as well and see what best fits your needs.