Many travelers like to take vacation time in lovely villas rather than hotel rooms. They desire this as they are able to receive more individual service and better rooms for the money. Staying in a charming villa for a longer period of time is much more comparable to a home away from home for your holiday time.

Rates for these types of rentals tend to change depending on location and the quality of the property. A group of people sharing a villa can reduce the price significantly. Splitting the costs this way will impact the expense for each individual. Each villa has different services such as room service, food, etc. Depending on the level of service you want, you will find a place that will comfortably fit your budget.

You can find a cheap villa in many places around the globe. Even many of these cheaper places still come with pools, saunas and other such facilities. For instance Greece has many popular areas with a choice of rentals. Some great locations in Greece to find accommodations are the Ionian Islands such as Corfu and St. Nicolas. Bali is a popular place to locate cheaper beach properties and this tourist location sees a lot of visitors who come for the lovely tropical weather and cheaper prices. Due to the lower overall cost of living in Bali, numerous wonderful, on the beach villas are much, much more affordable than their European counterparts.

The Internet is the place to start your research in order to locate a big selection of cheap villas. There's a wide choice of companies that represent villa owners and which will facilitate your dream holiday at a lovely destination. Do a Google search for "villa rentals" or "vacation property rentals" and you will find a handful of quality sites that will help you find what you are looking for. On these rental sites, accommodations from many unique locations are represented and you may find many reasonably priced properties. When you decide on the destination that you want to travel to, you can also ask your travel agent for more helpful information on that area.

Remember you may also find hidden treasures after you have arrived in your destination, places that don't even advertise on the Internet. Keep an open mind and flexible spirit when traveling as this will allow you to experience great spots that you were not able to discover from your computer screen back home.