Cornwall is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK and tens of thousands of visitors flock their every summer for the beautiful beaches and fantastic culture and scenery the county has to offer. Here we’re going to look at choosing a holiday cottage for your family break and what to do once you’re there. Cottage breaks are one of the most popular holiday forms in the UK and great for groups of people or for a luxury romantic break.


The South West tip of Cornwall is only a few miles wide and the most eastern parts are no more than an hour’s drive width away from each coast. This means you can basically grab any of the many cottages to rent in Cornwall without having to worry about being able to get to the beaches and the sights you most want to see. However, saying that there are some things to consider about exactly where you stay. Around the coastline cottage prices are much, much higher with anything within a few miles of the beaches likely to set you back at least a few extra hundred pounds. Of course if you mainly want to laze on the beach this won’t be too much of a problem but it does drive up costs considerably. Also you’ll want to consider the proximity to the attractions you want to see. If you’re with your family then you’ll probably want to avoid Newquay as its much more of a party destination in the summer and fairly rowdy. If you mainly want to enjoy the history and beautiful landscapes then the South Coast is easily your best bet with its great attractions and a much more traditional sea side feel. If you’re really coming for the beaches and the surf then the North Coast is the best place to be with its incredible beaches from Fistral up to Watergate. The further north you head the quieter it will be and generally cheaper too.

The actual cottage

When you’re choosing a cottage you’re choices of venue are likely to be largely determined by your group size and who you’re going with. If you want something quiet and peaceful with great countryside and walking opportunities then head inland for some stunning cottages. If you want a party holiday then something around Newquay is great. Of course the actual cottage you choose needs to be able to fit with your budgets and provide you with all the amenities you need.  Cornwall has a range of offerings to suit most budgets with some of the best luxury cottages in the UK and some of the most stunning beach front or Cliffside views available. At the higher end of the scale you can choose a cottage with a pool, incredible facilities and penthouse styled rooms while at the lower end you can get simple but charming bungalows and quiet village cottages. Basically you can just pick to suit your needs and budgets and you’ll have plenty of diversity. Remember to check what is included in the cottage deal and check that there are local shops, bars and restaurants so that you know everything is within easy reach. Most of all have a great time enjoying this beautiful part of the country.