The best places to live in Cardiff

 Cardiff, as the capital of Wales, is one of the most culturally exciting and interesting cities in the UK. It’s a beautiful city with a thriving culture and one of the best places in the country for arts, music and entertainment – as well as pubs! With a population of a little under 400,000 it doesn’t always feel like a big city and plenty of areas are quieter and laid back. In the surrounding area you have easy access to the beautiful Welsh countryside, the sea and the South West; which makes Cardiff a very popular place to live. Jobs are fairly plentiful and there are superb leisure and retail facilities as well as a rich history and beautiful architecture to enjoy. It is also the country’s greenest city with more parks space per person than any other! Here we’re going to look at Renting in Cardiff and the nicest places and areas to live in this magnificent city.

The City Centre

There are plenty of high rise flat blocks and other accommodation available around the city centre and it’s a lively place to live with some of the best flats, pubs and restaraunts in the whole of the city. It’s a fairly boisterous area though so generally attracts young professionals and students. Nevertheless, easy access to the shops and pubs make this a great part of the city to live in.


Roath is the largest area in Cardiff and has a diverse range of areas within it; from council estates to upmarket victorian streets. It’s a great place to live with amazing pubs and shops and retains a great mixture of people. It’s fairly family friendly and provides easy access to the city centre.


One of the most popular areas next to the river Riverside has a really unique culture and provides an interesting experience as well as a nice place to live. The bars and venues are great and the accommodation is cheap as the chips. At only 10 minutes from the city centre this is an ever popular place to live.


Pontcanna is one of the more wealthy and affluent neighbourhoods and has an overabundance of beautiful Victorian houses. It has a village like high street with plenty of upmarket restaurants, coffee shops and boutique shops and some of the nicest and most luxurious flats to rent in Cardiff

 Cardiff Bay

With its magnificent views and luxury modern apartments Cardiff bay is becoming a popular place to live with young single professionals. The flats on offer are great but as an area there isn’t a huge amount to do so you’ll need to head into the city centre for an evening’s entertainment.

Victoria Park

The area around Victoria Park offers a wide array of terraced houses and is where Cardiff starts to show its more suburban side. The area tends to attract young families and those looking for something a little quieter. The actual Victoria Park is one of Cardiff’s best open spaces and its very nice to live close by to if you enjoy afternoon strolls and picnics!